Independent Artist of the Week: The Native Cats

March 16th 2020

Image credit: Lou Conboy

The Native Cats are back, supercharged and snarling with a twofer that’s possibly their most personal and visceral yet.

Hailing from Hobart, The Native Cats are Chloe Alison Escott and Julian Teakle. With over 10 years in the game, the duo have been kneading Chloe’s personal catharsis into ferocious post punk underscored by Julian’s blistering beats and bass riffs.

A year after their last EP, Spiro Scratch, The Cats are continuing to thoughtfully develop and deliver visceral menace, this time in the form of EP Two Creation Myths. A dedication to Scott Walker, the EP presents endless energy and conviction and is perhaps best described by lyricist and singer Escott as she also describes Walker’s influence.

“I’ve spent my entire adult life both studying his music as a sacred text and giving myself over to it as a transcendental experience, and his influence on my art comes through in different ways in each of these songs.”

Written in one afternoon in Teakle’s garage, TCM takes equal parts old and new and forms something not unfamiliar in sound, despite also being the product of a new approach for the two. Ferocious opener ‘Run with the Roses’ takes a 10 year old beat from a song never finished and instantly hits you with its intensity and some of Escott’s most personal lyrics, including the lingering “I felt my body happening to people on the street.”

“This was the first time in four years we’d developed something new together in the same room. I feel like it’s at the absolute limit of my willingness to lay out my life and my past in a song; even so, you won’t learn a lot…Working out precisely where each syllable should land was an experience almost as satisfying as writing the lyric itself.”

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