Independent Artist of the Week: The Native Cats

December 10th 2018

Photo by Lou Conboy    

The dreamy Apple Isle’s capital is home to The Native Cats – and their very own post-punk pub rock will get ya with its crisp ferocity.

Chloe Alison Escott and Julian Teakle have been building their repertoire and reputation as The Native Cats down in Hobart’s (and generally all over south east Aus) music scene for the better part of the past decade. The last few years, culminating around their 10th year as TNC, have happened to coincide with seismic shifts in their personal lives, which has naturally flowed into their music together – and all the better for us.

In Feb, the band released the LP John Sharp Toro, which is, according to Escott, “The operative statement. The others [albums] are inoperative,” (10 points to you if that statement sounds familiar). JST is direct, concise and razor-sharp across all aspects, addressing loneliness and isolation against dynamic beats and bass lines that results in a powerful delivery.

Bookending the year, The Cats have continued the conversation from JST with more material via EP Spiro Scratch, and it’s just as significant a listen. Get your ears around opener ‘Preservation Law’, a pointed and abrupt track Escott absolutely and cathartically lets loose on.

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