Independent Artist of the Week: Maggie Tra

September 21st 2021

  • Maggie Tra :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Australian born Vietnamese/Cambodian DJ Maggie Tra enters the world of producing with her Debut EP ‘U.L.A’. Maggie weaves elements of her culture into her ethereal and electronic productions to create something truly unique.

After cutting her teeth as a DJ around the world from Brussels to Vietnam, Maggie Tra has moved into the realm of a producer. Beginning as music blogger, journalist, publicist and radio host, Maggie has always held music and culture in high regard.

Maggie’s debut ‘U.L.A’ (U Look Asian) is a four track release that embraces her Vietnamese and Khmer roots. The project immerses the listener in her upbringing and culture through easily digestible and rhythmic electronic production.

“I often find in modern music that Cambodian and Vietnamese artists and music aren’t so integrated. That’s really what was my main drive to be a producer…Whilst they see my world, I want them to dance.”

The way Maggie integrates a multitude of elements and samples into her work so seamlessly is no easy feat. Her production skills paired with her unique worldview as an Asian person brought up in the Western World is a recipe for a rare musical experience.

Now based in Hanoi, Maggie Tra does more than produce music. She spends time supporting emerging artists’ and empowering women in the industry through her organisation ‘SYS Sister Sounds’. This organisation runs ‘Pho The Girls’ DJ workshops in Hanoi focused on helping Asian women and non-binary folk get a leg-up in the music industry.

Listen to Maggie’s Interview with Courtney on Up For It above, and stream ‘SOY’ off her debut EP ‘U.L.A’ below.

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