Independent Artist of the Week: Kyoshi

August 23rd 2021

  • Kyoshi :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Genre-bending Eora/Sydney-based four piece Kyoshi build rhythmic worlds that borrow from nu-jazz, future soul and psychedelia.

Describing themselves as “a conversation between rhythm and melody”, their self-titled debut album packs a punch with abundant textures and sounds. A fusion of funky jams, pure honeyed-soul and unadulterated psychedelic trips, lovers of all things beat and groove are guaranteed to find something to sate their palate.

The album speaks to the inner voice and instinct within us all through a shared vulnerability, as vocalist Leah Wilkie describes:

“Throughout the two years of almost entirely self-producing this album, we laid out our emotions and lives for the music, dedicated to this collection of songs that embody themes of healing, nature, heartbreak, the female spirit and the joyous unpredictability of being human.”

Sporting collaborations with local and international friends Kiyanosh, Ms.Thandi, Charbel and KOOL A.D, ‘Kyoshi’ is a meticulously crafted labour of love. 

Listen to Courtney chat to guitarist Yianni & vocalist Leah on Up For It & purchase Kyoshi’s eponymous debut album below.

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