Independent Artist of the Week: Elizabeth

October 29th 2019

Sad girls rejoice – Melbourne based indie-pop artist Elizabeth is here, queer and will make you shed every last tear.

Liz Mitchell, former lead singer and songwriter of Totally Mild, has capitalised on her newfound independence and reinvented herself as a glamorous tragic on her new solo project Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s debut release, ‘The Wonderful World of Nature’ (out November 1st), is a new kind of heartbreak album. Rather than taking a passive and mournful approach, Elizabeth depicts the side of heartbreak that is all-consuming, obsessive and destructive. Like a dear friend or conscience weighing on your shoulder, she generates feelings of closeness with listeners through her deeply personal lyrics and silky vocals, which in turn allow her songs to bruise and linger. Though Elizabeth is ultimately about extracting beauty from the catastrophic, as the album progresses and sad ballads evolve into glittering bangers, the final message is one about self-care, self-indulgence and celebrating the femme.

Album opener ‘Beautiful Baby’ is a ballad in testament to love lost, and a tender teaser to the world of unadulterated emotion and hedonism that Elizabeth will introduce to her listeners. Music video director Triana Hernandez says:

“The ‘Beautiful Baby’ music video is an exploration of Elizabeth’s power and allure. It’s a break up song that works like a spell and speaks of pain as much as it speaks of moving on. The song is emotionally intense so for this clip we worked with two of the most visually dramatic inspirations out there: Lana Del Rey and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series.”

Watch the video for Elizabeth’s ‘Beautiful Baby’ below.

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