Independent Artist of the Week: Ani Lou

December 23rd 2019

Following in the tradition of transforming pain into art, Tassie’s Ani Lou forges catharsis out of dream pop.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS) is an enervating illness that leaves sufferers with severe energy depletion and subsequently more susceptible to other autoimmune disorders. Ani Lou, aka. Kate Southorn, has been living with this for numerous years and as a result, has endured severe physical and mental impacts. It is this very impact of this condition on one’s mind and sense of self that is explored in her latest single ‘Bad Body’.

“Bad Body is a song for those who have felt out of control in relation to themselves and their surroundings. It explores the lack of self-trust I have experienced within my physical body throughout years of chronic illness.”

Though these experiences have hindered Kate’s abilities, her passion for music and determination to establish herself within the industry have proven to be the more powerful force. In sharing her work, she aims to connect with others and cultivate greater understanding and awareness for CFS.

Produced in a style reminiscent of early 1980’s dream pop, the song features entrancing guitar and synth layered ever so effortlessly. This is then topped with shimmering vocals that create an ambience that feels simultaneously distant and intimate. 

An assured blow to the heart, ‘Bad ‘Body’ can be streamed below and is accompanied by a music video co-directed by Kate herself and videographer Jade Elford.

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