House hunting with John Dimas (Greece): Mantra Collective

August 24th 2016

Ever wanted to dance for fourteen hours?

This Saturday night (and Sunday morning), Frequency’s Mantra Collective are throwing an enormous party at the Bridge Hotel.

Co-headlining the early hours of the morning are French house legend Pepperpot and Greek extraordinaire John Dimas, known for his deep cut sets featuring three turntables.

For an idea of what to expect from John, Mantra Collective asked him: what are the five house labels we need to be listening to right now?

Imprints Records

“This is a label that was started by Domenico Rossa & Riccardo. They launched in 2013 and, honestly, in the last three years I can tell you that their music has never left my record bag! Absolutely formidable label.” Follow ’em.

Low Money Music Love

“A really strong, consistent Dutch label which always seems to put out great releases, whether it’s fresh new jams or represses like this favourite of mine from Aztech Soul. They’re definitely on point with every release, so it’s always an instant purchase when a new one hits the record shop.” Follow ’em.

Taverna Tracks

“This is a label run by my brother, Stassy. It started out as a party in Berlin few years ago and is up to six releases at the moment. One of my favourite ‘Taverna tracks’ is from Nick Beringer, it’s an amazing track for the middle of the set, trust me!” Follow ’em.

Heko Records

“Now this is a very promising new label from Giammarco Orsini & Enrico Martini. The first two releases come from the guys themselves. Both EPs so far are dance floor killers so I’ve got high hopes for this label. One to keep an eye on for sure.” Follow ’em.

Gosu Records

“Another very new label, this time from Frankfurt. Gosu Records is also a great record shop. Their first release dropped about a month ago and came from the mysterious man ‘Thomas Rooge’, and it’s an absolutely killer. I’ll be watching these guys like a hawk!” Follow ’em.


– – –

WHAT: Mantra Collective Presents John Dimas and Pepperpot at The Bridge Hotel
WHO: John Dimas, Pepperpot, Dan Baartz, Mantra Collective, Mike Witcombe, Le Brond, Marley Sherman, Mike Watts, Variancé, Matt Crowe
WHEN: Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August, 10pm – 12pm. No entry from 3am – 6am.
WHERE: The Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Glebe
HOW MUCH: $30 second release / $10 after hours via Resident Advisor


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