Holy Holy perform ‘Sentimental and Monday’ and chat with Stephen Ferris

January 21st 2016


  • Holy Holy :: Interview with Stephen Ferris
  • Holy Holy :: Sentimental and Monday

Dynamic duo Oscar Dawson and Timothy Carroll – better known together as Holy Holy – took some time out of their jam-packed three-week tour to join Stephen Ferris in the studio for a chat. They shared stories about meeting in Thailand, amusing incidents along the way, plus a live rendition of mellow tune ‘Sentimental and Monday’.

“We played a gig in a pub and a guy came up after and said: ‘I’ve got an extra Stratocaster’… and sent it to me.”

They debate the merits of playing live versus sitting in a recording studio, and how naming things sometimes can be a hard job.

“I thought a name for a solo artist could be ‘Holy Holy Man’… I told my friend and he said: ‘That’s terrible.'”

Holy Holy came in just ahead of a sold-out show at the Oxford Art Factory, only one stop along the way with a show scheduled for every weekend.




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