Hinako Omori “in limbo” on Surfacing

November 30th 2023

Image: Chris Almeida

  • :: Hinako Omori interview on Surfacing with Luke M de Zilva

UK musician and composer Hinako Omori joined Luke M de Zilva on Surfacing this week. They chatted about a range topics, including Hinako’s new album, her creative and spiritual connection to Japan, connecting with audiences in the digital age, where she is transported mentally during her live performances, and how live music can provide us with the much-needed chance to reset. The episode theme, “in limbo,” was drawn directly from Hinako’s song of the same name.

“The act or the honour of sharing music is a beautiful thing… It’s a really magical process.”

Listen to the full interview above. Buy/stream Hinako’s latest album stillness, softness… on Bandcamp below.


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