Heard this and I thought of you: best love song dedications on Midnight Valentine

September 11th 2015


When the clock strikes midnight every Saturday, the FBi text line runs hot with messages from the lonely and lovesick hearts of Sydney.

Tales of heartbreak and admissions of love are in the mix on Midnight Valentine, our love song dedication show. Here are a couple of our favourite devotions handpicked by your dulcet-toned late-night love guide, Dick Mockler:



Dick Mockler, the doctor of love, I’m in the car, coming back from a turtleneck sweater fondue party, hook a brother up with a love song dedication for my wife Lauren 

— Nick



I recently went through a break up and I think this song highlights how painful that process is but despite all of that, you just want them to have the best and be happy

– Kate



I am streaming all the way over in Connecticut, USA and my husband is traveling in Chicago. This was the song we walked down the aisle to on our wedding day… and is so special to us!

— Lucinda



To my ex Briony who I miss like crazy. Constantly reminiscing about the happier times 

— Anon



Would love to send my love to Tim who has driven me to maccas drive through. Love you home boi

— Anon



I’ve been on a date n made out with a gal called Kerra. I wanna msg her soooooo much but I can’t coz… one date. But she’s flippin’ amazing. She’s visiting her family now so I guess she won’t hear this. I’m trying not to bombard her with msgs about how cool I think she is.

And look, this is only song I can think of to dedicate to her while I’m walking home along Parramatta Rd.

— Anon



Want to dedicate a song to someone you love?

Text 0409 945 945 after midnight on Saturday or get in early and email dick@fbiradio.com

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