Guide: Sound Summit 2012

September 27th 2012

Dear everyone: here is how you should be spending your long weekend…

From Sept 27th – 30th, Sound Summit 2012 will be bringing together musicians, producers and industry types together to Newcastle with a festival that invites both the artist and audience to hear things, see things, discuss things, perform things and learn things.

Now in its 13th year, and co-directed by Brooke Olsen (FBi’s Ears have Ears, Co-founder/Co-director Dirty Shirlows), Nic Warnock (Director, R.I.P Society Records) and Daniel Gottlieb (contributor, Altered Zones and Cyclic Defrost, Spiral Sounds on 2SER), it’s a project for Music NSW extending across various venues throughout Newcastle over several days alongside TINA (This is Not Art).

In a climate where independent artists are largely unexposed and unsupported, Sound Summit is a celebration of independent, experimental and DIY music providing exposure and a collaborative learning experience for all involved.

The good folks behind Sound Summit have put together a wonderfully exciting show with a fantastic assortment of acts hailing from near and far, including Blues Control (USA), Home Blitz (USA), Mist/Outer Space/ Radio People (USA), High Wolf (France), Lasse Marhaug (Nor) Royal Headache (Syd), Mad Nanna (Melb), Rites Wild (Melb), Straight Arrows (Syd), Gooch Palms (Newcastle), Secret Birds (Bris), Lenin Lennon (Newcastle), Ghastly Spats (Syd), Circular Keys (Melb) The Nugs (Newcastle), Twerps (Melb), Lower Plenty (Melb), Day Ravies (Syd), Mitchell Brennan (Melb), Leather Feather (Newcastle) and loads more.

There’s a massive conference program with workshops, panels and showcases covering a range of ideas in relation to the independent music community. This includes the organisation of non commercial media, the role of independent labels in the music industry, issues surrounding global success, a history of broadcasting and the relationship between independent radio and independent music, ethical issues surrounding music journalism and ways to get exposure for your music.

You can also get acquainted with modular synthesizers at the Synth Petting Zoo (whoever named that needs a high five), view screenings of DIY video clips and see documentaries by and about local and international independent artists.

The incredible line-up together with the multitude of events planned will surely make this year’s festival a stellar opportunity to take in amazing live music and gain some great insight into the industry in a weekend sure to include FUN TIMEZ for all involved.



Tickets: DUH! A full festival pass is $50 presale and you can get ‘em here

Songs for the Road: The official soundtrack to Sound Summit is available for free stream or download. Free unreleased tracks: it’s a no brainer.

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