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March 4th 2014


  • Tuesday Mornings :: Phoenix Interview


“Future Music Festival… we’re a total mismatch… you know, you look at the bill and you see our name, you’re like, What is thaaa-?

But it’s a statement we enjoy, you know, like we have to be here now, there has to be a sacrifice to artists to show that there’s something else! Especially in that EDM world where it’s became something that’s incredibly… how do you say… Consanguine? When bloods are too much of the same blood… 

Consanguine is… the closest I can find is ‘intermarriage’. Yeah, so… it just creates… retards.”


Yep, that happened.

Thomas and Laurent of Phoenix joined Declan in the studio on Tuesday morning ahead of their show at the Hordern Pavillion on March 5, and the Future Music Festival tour. The boys discussed all things Vegemite, the new record, and their opinion on the Lawrence Lessig v Liberation “fair use” legal saga.


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