Good Morning Interview: Their Writing Process and A Possible Future Album

March 23rd 2016


  • Good Morning :: Interview with Shag


Before they hit up Sydney’s Brighton Up Bar for a show, Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons from Melbourne outfit Good Morning joined us in the studio at FBi.  The duo had a chat with Shag about their writing process, their decision to publicly share their music, and the possibility of an album release.

When asked how their music comes alive and what their writing process is, the boys explained:

“A lot of it sort of happens separately.  Liam and I will write little demos and stuff and send them to each other and we’ll come together and work on the ideas together.  I think that’s how most of them are conceived… But for the most part we’ll come together with a small 30 second idea and expand on that as much as possible.”

Good Morning are exactly how they sound – like waking up on a good morning when you’ve got nothing to rush off to.  Stefan and Liam have a ridiculously chilled vibe in our studio which carries into how they operate as a band, saying they write a few songs and get their friends to help them play live – and that’s about it.  Their single ‘CABDEG’, which according to Stefan, “Doesn’t mean anything”, was given the title as a way to remember the tuning of the guitar.

“It’s actually GAB. I’d just confused that and came back to record that later and we’d made a mistake, but kept the name obviously. But basically it’s just the tuning of the guitar – just the wrong tuning of the guitar.”

The duo tend to roll with the what comes their way, and had the idea to invite Stefan’s dad to feature on their track ‘Give Me Something to Do’.  He tells us how his dad has been playing the saxophone for as long as he can remember, and recorded three parts for them to use in only ten minutes.  The laid back nature must run in the family, since Mr. Blair hasn’t shown up to a soundcheck since they premiered their EP Glory live.  When asked if we can expect an album from the duo anytime soon, the answer sounded more like a question.

“Yeah, probably.  We sort of record all the time, we did a lot of recording on the weekend and just sort of piecing together what we have.  I suppose when we piece something together that fits as an album we’ll have an album.  But can’t really specify what that date will be.”

It sounds like they’re in no rush as usual.  While you’re waiting for that album you can find their EP Glory on bandcamp and tune in to the full interview above.



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