Good Cause :: Sounds For The Reef

April 13th 2014

Sounds for the reef


In Australia, we love our icons – Paul Kelly, Kylie, and even icons we’ve stolen – hello, Russell Crowe (just don’t mention NZ or that awful band….)

But one of our best-loved icons is under threat and the music industry has come together to fight – for the Great Barrier Reef.

21 amazing artists, including Sietta, Fat Freddys Drop and Resin Dogs have donated their sounds, time and passion to create “Sounds For The Reef”, a compilation album that’s aiming to raise funds for the “Fight For The Reef” campaign of the AMCS and WWF-Australia.

The background? Our national comedy troupe Government has decided to allow dredging and dumping of dredge spoils within the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, endangering aquatic wildlife and irreparably damaging a world heritage area.

For those of us who dodge the Greenpeace-clipboard-toting backpackers on the way to work, missed Earth Hour (again) and left the computer streaming FBi while we went to the shops, this is a chance to make a difference.



The “Fight For The Reef” campaign is currently supporting two court challenges lodged against the Australian and Queensland Governments’ approval of proposed ports and associated dredging and dumping in the Reef’s waters.

All sales of the album will go toward supporting these court appeals and raising awareness about the plight of the Reef, with the bonus benefit of helping you discover amazing new artists, and remembering some icons.

Sounds For The Reef: awesome and available exclusively for download for $10 HERE. HERE HERE HERE! You can preview all the tracks online. And if you weren’t yet convinced, here’s a nice video.



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