September 16th 2011

You’ve sailed the Sydney streets with naught but a compass and a taste for adventure. Following your nose for good music and a tattered old Google map to Petersham Bowling Club, you’ve finally found X. Lucky you came prepared. You’re equipped with a shovel and scrolling device – start on diggin’. Through sand and roots you toil until you find your treasure… behold! Vids from the Treasure Island lineup ahoy!

Matt Corby’s gorgeous tune ‘Letters’ is worth its weight in dubloons:



Rainbow Chan introduces us to her homemade electro-shanty ‘Seaside’:


Edward Deer has a tune to fight off the sea serpents with ‘A Song About Monsters’:


Nikki Thorburn weighs anchor into rolling roots music in her single ‘Walking In Circles’

We have nothing but ‘Good Things’ to say about Sam Shinazzi’s seaworthy single:


So you’ve walked away with a trove of tunes and a pint of piratey puns, here’s an extra muppetty goodie for all your hard sailing:



Alternatively, you could just hit up the Treasure Island music and markets fair on Sunday 25 September. Armed with a Tim Curryesque baritone and a penchant for afternoon wine times, you’re in for a swashbuckler of a Sunday with your shipmates in tow.


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