Free Shit Fridays

September 20th 2013

Free Stuff Skip

Friday, a day whole consisting of staring at the clock and counting down the hours, minutes and seconds before you can bitch-slap your boss and take a dump on the photocopier and run out of the office screaming “PAAAAARRRTTTAAAAYYYY!!!!” and then spend your weekend working up a sincere apology for Monday morning.

But instead of waiting for an arrest warrant, why not let FBi help you get your weekend started on the right (and legal) foot, with a pile of free music to help wash the week-that-was smell out of your hair AND details to a totally awesome and completely free event.

It’s time for FREE SHIT FRIDAYS!


Free Music!

The Fabergettes – ‘Big Bruiser EP’

The Fabergettes doo-wop-garage-pop, knuckle-sandwich of an EP ‘Big Bruiser’ will leave you with a desire to chew bubblegum and dance like you just don’t care.

…And we’re all outta bubblegum.

Antics – ‘Old Habits’

If there’s a sound that can capture the feeling of euphoria as those last minutes tick down on the clock, heralding the weekend’s arrival, it’s this single by Antics.

Borneo – ‘Is This A Demo?’

Complete with songs that will have you and your friends strutting around the place playing air guitars and screaming the funky guitar chords, ‘Is This A Demo?’ has the perfect party sound to get your Friday night kicked off to a great start.

Safia – ‘Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues (Indian Summer Remix)’

As The Rapture once sang: “People don’t dance no more, they just stand there like this / They cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and diss”

Clearly, they never heard this song (an impossibility, due to the whole space-time continuum), an absolute ode to the coming weekend and a sure-fire dancer.

Beef Jerk – ‘Schooners 7’

‘Schooners’ is very similar to that first beer you have after Friday is finished: Refreshing, utterly enjoyable, and over too quickly.

On the plus side, it’s the weekend, so you can also listen to it again before the next round arrives!


Free Funtimes!

Stayfly Sydney Block Party

Block Party? Some of the best female street and hip-hop artists? Complimentary Mountain Goat Beer and Alibi American Whiskey?

The only way this party could be anymore of a dream is if it was free.

Oh, wait…

Check the full line up and details at the Facebook event page right here, and have a squidgy didge at this video in which Block Party performer Akua Naru raps over a John Mayer sample. The idea sounds a little sus’, but it bluddy works!

 Happy Weekend!

<3 FBi.



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