Free Shit Fridays :: March of the Real Fly, Curb & Misc. Activites!

October 4th 2013

Three day weekend? It’s the perfect opportunity for those who have still yet to watch Breaking Bad to lock themselves in a room and not to come out until they’ve finally watched every episode so we don’t have to worry about giving spoilers away and can finally talk openly how messed up it was when it turned out that Darth Vadar is Luke’s father!

Anyway, to get us into the weekend and make Friday an A1 day, it’s time for Free Shit Fridays!



Curb – Curb EP

Let’s dive right into our Friday with a Name Your Price EP from Sydney artist Curb. Music that absolutely drenches you to the bone with their mix of shoe-gazing, jangly pop.

Who needs the beach when you’ve got music?


Original Sin – ‘No Sleep’

If a long weekend indoors watching Breaking Bad isn’t you thing, then you’re probably one of those strange folk who prefer chucking a tent and the necessary supplies of baked beans and beer into a car and hightailing into the bush for a get-away. In that case, the bluegrass stylings of Original Sin will be just the thing to get you in the mood of campfires and shitting in a fresh dug hole.


FBi’s The Rip VII Mixtape

FBi loves you. We love you so much that we made you a mixtape of some of the best local talent we’ve found so far. But you don’t have to worry, this doesn’t mean you have to change your long weekend plans to meet our parents. We’d just like to hang out, you know? You, us, and some great music. Cool?


Steve Tyssen – All That You Want Is Everything EP

Why can’t we have everything? Is it so much to ask? Look at what we’ve got already: Three day weekend, great weather, a kick ass city, friends, FBi, and now Brisbane’s Steve Tyssen gives us a free download of his debut EP? Now if we can only get a beer and a high five from Bill Murray, we’d be set for life!


March of the Real Fly – Angel in the Snow EP

God damn. If this EP doesn’t get you giddy with excitement about the long weekend, then you should really consider going and talking to someone, because you have a serious problem.

Or, it could be that you computer has its sound off. Is the sound off? There’s your problem!



Parramasla @ Riverside Theatre & Parramatta Town Hall, Parramatta

Food! Music! Dance! Food! Documentaries! Food!

Hell, even if you didn’t plan anything for the next three days, you’ve got plans now! Running over the entire weekend, get to Parramatta and get some culture (and food!) in ya!

Head here to check the details.


Happy Weekend!

<3 FBi


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