Free Shit Friday :: Satchmode, Future Classic x Laneway Festival Mix, Pro.Era, SBMRGE, dmengl

January 31st 2014


Remember that horrible song by Rebecca Black?
Me either.

We’ve all worked hard to repress those catchy lyrics and amazing dance moves. I’m sure by now it’s locked deep within our subconscious, alongside that memory of your parents walking in during ‘alone time’ and that year in high school you thought you could bring mullets back into fashion.

Scary thing is, it takes very little to have all these horrible things come flooding back. A look from your parents. The hair dresser showing you the new chic look.

Or, in this case, me typing IT’S FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY!

Now that you have that wonderful song occupying your head like a migraine, here are some musical freebies to help drive it back out:

Satchmode – ‘Collide’
Chilled synth, dreamy pop and a voice that’s more soothing than aloe vera on sunburnt skin. When you listen to this gem, you can almost feel the cool breeze rushing up the beach to give you a big smooch.

Future Classic x Laneway Festival 2014 Mix
Take an hour to meditate on the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. If you’ve got tickets, daydream about how good it’s going to be while listening to this mix. If you can’t afford it, listen to the mix and hang your head in shame.

Pro.Era – ‘Like Water’
JaySTEEZ, Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly Music.
With talent like that, you know it’s going to be a good listen. Rhymes come thick and fast, and the music is of such quality you should thank your lucky stars that it’s a free download. Grab it HERE.

SBMRGE – ‘Masked’
Do people have to trade in their vowels to get mad beat skillz? Well, what ever deal with the devil may have taken place, Melbourne producer SBMRGE has put his lack of vowels and skill with steel drums to use in this freebie.

Nothing like a bit of genre melding for a Friday. Ambient electro pop… dmengl has gone for the hat trick on this great track.


Culture Guide :: Friday Freebie
Get your weekend started off right!

A literary and creative adventure; 25 artists’ different takes on classic literature feat. Dr Jekyl, Huck Finn and Mowgli (Jungle book). Drinks from Green Fairy Absinthe and Little Creatures Brewery all night!

WHAT: The Art of Storytelling.
WHERE: Comber Gallery, 5 Comber Street Paddington
WHEN: Friday 31st, 5.30pm


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