Free Download :: Yes Please Remixes – Oliver Tank & Geoffrey O’Connor

January 31st 2012


So, it's raining*.

All week.

But fear not, Sydney-ites. Today, something a little bit more fun that raindrops are falling on your head… it's raining remixes! Our buddies over at Yes Please Records have just released not one but two remix EPs, to help you get through this bout of downright shitty weather. Better yet: they're both free!

The first is a sweet little collection of remixes from 'Dreams', the debut EP from the label’s prodigal son, Oliver Tank. The remixing team include Geoffrey O'Connor, Magic Silver White, Great Earthquake, Sleepyhands and more. Perhaps you thought it wasn’t possible, but Tank’s music just got a little dreamier…


Secondly, the talented Yes Please family have united again for a remix-fest using tracks from Geoffrey O’Connor’s debut solo album ‘Vanity Is Forever’. Sydney kids Oliver Tank, Guerre and The Townhouses put their own spin on O’Connor’s 80s synth-inspired sounds – and damnit, do these tracks make you feel warm and fuzzy. Get on it here:


*In Sydney, that is. If you’re an overseas reader, it might be blissfully warm and sunny… in which case, consider this the internet's version of a steely glare. I guess you can still enjoy the remixes, though.  


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