Free Download :: Julia & the Deep Sea Sirens

October 6th 2012

The Little Mermaid was and still is a Disney classic, and what’s not to love? A young heroine waiting for her big break, the passionate, heart-breaking songs, big musical back-up and a focus on the power of the voice… all set in the magical sea with colourful sea creatures in abundance. Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens is set to be a classic hit of the same strain, drawing similarities to the Ariel tale in band name, song title, vocal talent and even the lead female’s hair colour… Coincidence? We think not!

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens’ single ‘Little Surprises‘ is the first morsel from the group’s upcoming album Family Pets, set for release later this year. The song is delicate, yet Julia’s lyrical and powerful voice bolsters the track with strong emotion. Canberra-based Julia has toured with Aussie songstresses Lanie Lane and Kate Miller-Heidke, and it won’t be long before she and her band are also the talk of the town.

This school of fishies, or Deep Sea Sirens as it were, are offering a free download for us human folk to take a listen to. Make it part of your world…


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