Free Download: Jack Colwell & his Owlchestra

March 26th 2012

Image: Matthew Burgess

When was the last time you went to see an orchestra? Not just to see a gig, with some mics and a keyboard and this weird, glowing, half-eaten Apple staring at you… but a proper orchestra. Now that sounds like something your mum would approve of, am I right?

Perhaps I’m just bitter that my laptop skills are limited mainly to trawling Reddit and taking ridiculous photos with cats on Photobooth. But regardless, I still believe there is something wholly more satisfying about watching a full suite of musicians playing in harmony.

Enter Jack Colwell and his Owlchestra: one sweet Sydney singer and a bunch of local musicians who are bringing back orchestral chamber-folk with a vengeance. Jack and his Owls will be launching their new single “Captain’s Melody” on Friday night. One of our favourite little ladies, Rainbow Chan, will be there in support. If the prospect of a full live orchestra isn’t enough, the gig is at happening at the Conservatorium of Music – yeah, that classy establishment up on the hill – a perfect setting for such a refined evening of musical bliss.

And better yet? They have released the track online as a free download, so you can get it right now, pop it on repeat for a few days, and have all the words memorised by Friday. YOU’LL LOOK REALLY COOL, I promise!

If you want even more before Friday comes around, Jack will be in the FBi studio on Monday night for The Bridge at 8pm, playing some live music and having a chat. Stream it online by clicking that little red button in the top right corner!

Here’s a little footage from their last single launch, which went down at FBi Social in October. Just listen to the girl scream “I LOVE YOU, JACK!” in the first twenty seconds – then tell me orchestras are not hip as shit.

Jack Colwell & The Owls at FBi Social from Tessa C. Stevens on Vimeo.

WHAT: Jack Colwell & The Owlchestra single launch, supported by Rainbow Chan

WHEN: Friday 30 March, 7:30pm

WHERE: Sydney Conservatorium Of Music, 1 Macquarie Street, Sydney

HOW MUCH: $10 – $15

MORE DETAILS: Facebook’s got em.


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