Free Download :: Hand Games Covers Mixtape #12

July 16th 2013

hand games

I’m a sucker for covers. There’s something special about loving a song so much that you want to own it too.

And there’s something very special about it when that song is a Britney Spears hit and you’re a solo bedroom producer from Canberra – or when a Sydney band wraps up another Sydney band in a cover that makes you want to hug the whole bloody city.

The latest Hand Games mixtape – a special 1st birthday edition of their monthly free download series – covers you in covers like these. Danger Beach stretches himself out ‘Everytime’ and Seekae bring ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ to a whole new level of enlightenment. There’s also some obligatory sleazy r’n’b with Brothers Hand Mirror doing ‘Oops Oh My’, and a sentence I never thought I would utter: Sui Zhen covering the Beastie Boys.

But my favourite part of this mixtape? Listening to Mei Saraswati’s ‘Frank Ocean cover’ and thinking, “shit, this isn’t how the song goes at all. Where’s the Ocean? Is it going to kick in halfway through? Have they completely kooked it and put the wrong track in?!!

And then there’s this little click of a moment and your head is nodding all of a sudden and you just know that yep, there it is.

And there it is. Ahhhh.

Hand Games put out mixtapes, throw parties, make zines, manage local artists and generally make our corner of the world a more excellent place. Get familiar with them here:


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