Free Download :: Elliot ‘Reincarnation’

September 18th 2012

Over mountains, through rivers. Under tree-tops, over seas. Through the back gate and down the garden path, toward a forgotten glade full of secrets long swept from memory, a yearning that will keep you spellbound for hours…

Sorry, what? Where are we? Oh, we’re listening to Elliot – a local Sydney producer whose tunes will take you quietly into one space and soon have your soul pouring out into another. Elliot brings together undulating beats that slowly but surely suck you in to a whole new dimension – with a kaleidoscopic palette of found sounds mixed with his own careful production that has made me forget entirely where else I am supposed to be tonight, except for listening to his music.

Elliot’s second release, Over mountains, Through rivers, out on October 18th through Frequency Lab, is 19 tracks of pure bliss. The EP features field recordings from the Blue Mountains, the Cox’s River and locations around India – a breadth of travel that might bring a tinge of envy, but seeps through the music in a lush and inspiring way.

We are lucky enough to have the first single here as a free download for you lovely Flog readers – ‘Reincarnation’ – and it is exactly what is says on the label… a fresh breath of life in the form of an intricate blanket of sound. Pour yourself a glass of wine and turn off everything else that makes a noise in your house – let yourself be transported by Elliot’s magnificent beats.

Don’t believe me? Fine – then believe Flying Lotus, perhaps, who Elliot recently supported in Canberra. FL hung around to get some production tips after the gig… y’know. Whatever.



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