Free Download :: Colour Bomb

October 22nd 2012


As a kid, kaleidoscopes were probably the coolest thing ever (and for some of us, still are). Every twist of those magical cylinders brings new bursts of blues and greens twirling around pinks and oranges, creating new shapes at every turn. Each pattern is a new world, a delicate explosion of beauty and that’s a bit like what Melbourne duo Colour Bomb’s sound is like. And a little surprise of musical colour has just been released by the band, their first single ‘On the Run’.

The debut single from Colour Bomb has been three years of song-writing in the making, and after praise from the giant that is Gotye, the song should be all shades of popular. With a sound quite similar to Wally D-B and inspirations from David Bowie and Billy Joel, the pair has introduced the single as a vivid prelude to their debut record in early 2013.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, here’s the rainbow after the sun’s come out post-storm: Colour Bomb have a free download for us all! Explore their colours here:


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