For A Good Time Call…Alex and Declan (Modesty Party)

February 23rd 2011

Here at FBi we don't think you need to be a certain age to appreciate phat beats. Our Underage Sets competition lets five under-18 finalists battle it out on Sunset, our flagship dance show. Here we get to know the cream of the crop.

Alex Peck and Declan Pigott aka Modesty Party (18 years old), Tuesday

When and how did you get interested in DJing?

About a year ago the third (and overage member) of Modesty Party invested in some turntables and a mixer. We spent so much time at his house it just seemed inevitable we'd become DJs.

What do you do when you're not behind the decks? School? Uni? Other work?

Alex attends Macquarie University doing a double degree of Applied Finance and Economics, while Declan is at the University of New South Wales doing a bachelor of Social Science.

If your Mums had DJ names what would they be?

Big Dee and Eazy Mee.

What is your ideal party to play at? Massive festival, chilled house party, wedding, or something different? And why?

A abandoned warehouse party which would most likely end up getting stormed by black ops at the end. Because it'd be wild, exclusive and everyone would definitely be out of their brains.

Advice for aspiring DJs?

Get a soundcloud, enter competitions, talk to anyone you can when you're out, diversify your music taste and mix well.

To vote for Alex & Declan, text TUESDAY – MODESTY PARTY to 0409 945 945. Voting closes 25 February.


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