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January 13th 2014


Turning 23 this year, Flickerfest is Australia’s only Academy Accredited and BAFTA Recognised short film festival.

Armed with a heap of Australian and international exclusives, a suave Blues Brothers theme and the steadfast charm of Bondi Pavilion, Flickerfest 2014 is unlikely to disappoint.

It’s the film festival that signals summer, when all the wonderful arts and music festivals come out to play. Flickerfest is the one that captures the beauty and skill of short film making (and the attention of even the most easily-distracted friends) with quality local and international short films. From 2200 entries, Flickerfest narrowed it down to just 107 films so you’re pretty well guaranteed to see something you enjoy.

To guide you through the flurry of flicks, the Flog is here to give you the Flickerfest low-down:

Best of Australian

Flickerfest has already started so get in quick to see what’s left of the Best of Australian program. You’ll see some of Australia’s finest short films which will compete for the prize of all prizes: the Flickerfest Award for Best Australian Short Film. This award has only recently been Academy accredited meaning the winner of this Flickerfest Award could have a chance at winning a golden miniature man.

Tango Underpants

The Flog’s pick:Tango Underpants’ is born from a Lonely Planet tale recounted by John Colley in Cannes (where else), which takes an Aussie backpacker and her nana undies on a journey of self discovery.

Notable mentions: Lucy Gaffy’s ‘The Fence’ tells the trials of a Cambodian refugee at Villawood Detention Centre.

WHEN: Monday 13 January, 8.45pm (Best of Australian 4); Tuesday 14 January, 8.45pm (Best of Australian 5); Wednesday 15 January, 6.30pm (Best of Australian 6); and Thursday 16 January, 8.45pm (Best of Australian 7)

Best of International

Every year Flickerfest attracts quality shorts from around the globe and this year is no exception. Over five programs, Flickerfest will showcase some of the best international short films from all corners of the globe.


The Flog’s pick:Linear’ by Brazil’s Amir Admoni is a kooky but delightful short that will shed some light on the mystery that is the origin of white road lines.

WHEN: Monday 13 January, 6.30pm (Best of International 2); Wednesday 15 January, 8.45pm (Best of International 3); Thursday 16 January, 6.30pm (Best of International 4); and Friday 17 January, 6.30pm (Best of International 5)

Celebrity Shorts and From The Oscars

It’s not only the Flickerfest trailer that is star-studded (how does Dan Aykroyd still look cool?!), the Celebrity Shorts program is dedicated to that most revered species of human. Head along on Saturday 18 January to see Danny DeVito looking most aged in David ‘Cloud’ Campos’ ‘Today’s The Day’ or Helena Bonham Carter playing a Prada-coat wearing therapy patient in Roman Polanski’s ‘A Therapy’.

The From The Oscars program will make you feel closer to celebrity by showcasing six of the winning and nominated shorts and animations from the 2013 Academy Awards.


The Flog’s pick:A Therapy’ by Roman Polanski looks to reverse the patient/doctor roles and stars Helena Bonham Carter as the Prada-coat wearing patient.

Notable mentions:Today’s The Day’ is enjoyable if you like Danny DeVito and have a unashamed weakness for miniature musicals. ‘Fresh Guacamole’ in the From the Oscars program gets a thumbs up for stop motion animation lovers.

WHEN: Saturday 18 January, 8.45pm (Celebrity Shorts); and Sunday 19 January, 4.30pm (From the Oscars)


If real life stories are more your short film cup of tea, then Flickerfest has a few juicy pieces of reality to sink your teeth into. Unlike the documentaries your Dad used to watch when you were 10, these docos definitely won’t prompt any yawn reflex, exploring unique and provocative stories like familial separation and isolation in North Korea, geriatric sexual experiences and a doctor turned rollerblade artiste.


The Flog’s pick:La Pionnière’ (The Pioneer) tells of the life and works of Alice Guy, France’s first female director.

Notable mentions:Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution’ by Matthew VanDyke follows a rebel commander and a young female journalist in war-stricken Syria.

WHEN: Tuesday 14 January, 4.30pm (Best of Documentary 1) and 6.30pm (Best of Documentary 2)


FlickerLab continues in 2014; a recent initiative uniting short film connoisseurs with short film lovers. The one-day intensive program will allow industry professionals like writer/director David Michod (‘Animal Kingdom’, ‘Crossbow’), Michael Lucas (‘Not Suitable for Children’, ‘Offspring’) and Louise Fox (‘Love My Way’, ‘Dead Europe’) to share their craft with aspiring film makers.

WHEN: Friday 17 January, 10am-5pm


To complement the Blues Brothers theme and new to Flickerfest 2014 is FlickerClips, a screening recognising those brilliant music video clips that get you thinking. Flume and Chet Faker’s ‘Drop The Game’ makes the cut as does Bob Dylan’s ‘Duquesne Whistle’ directed by Nash Edgerton. Add Arcade Fire’s ‘Afterlife’ to the mix and it’s safe to say that this year, Flickerfest just got better.

WHEN: Saturday 18 January, 4.30pm


Other notable mentions

The best shorts from Flickerfest’s national competition for filmmakers under 18 years old will be shown in FlickerUp but if you want to leave Bondi feeling bamboozled, the Weird and Wacky Shorts is definitely the most appropriate program.

Other screenings to look out for include FlickerGreen, the environmentalist’s Flickerfest screening of choice, and Short Laughs Comedy.


WHAT :: Flickerfest Short Film Festival 2014
WHERE :: Bondi Pavilion
WHEN :: Now until 19 January. Head to Flickerfest.com.au for more information
TICKETS :: $18/$20 from Moshtix




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