Feature: Five reasons you squares and queers alike must see Hunx and His Punx

April 16th 2014

Hunx extra 3

Genre-pushing Californian punk band, Hunx and His Punx, have returned to Australia’s shores for a six-date tour. They’re a perfect amalgamation of girl group melodies, punk show antics, playful homo-eroticism and sometimes a little on-stage nudity.

We reckon it’s pretty important that you catch them live, so we’ve summarised in 5 points why you should be at Oxford Art Factory this Saturday…

1. Pretty much every person at the gig will be going nuts

Their energy on stage is contagious and they’re known to have one hell of a dance pit, from the front to the back. It won’t matter how shy you are or how years have jaded your punk spirit. You will be dancing.

2. Fellow Californian punk act Shannon and the Clams will be co-headlining

West Coast garage punks Shannon and the Clams have been making a name for themselves for their mix of doo wop, garage psych and surf rock. And for the tonnes of fun they have on stage too. Whether they’re trading songs or selling each others’ merch on tour, Shannon and the Clams are the yin to Hunx’s yang. Here’s them having fun on a beach…


3. They sell great merch

You’re probably going to need to replace the tshirt you arrived in, because you will have sweat through it top to bottom. Or you’ll have torn it off in a frenzy. Or someone else will have torn it off you. No matter. Hunx has some of the best merch out. Collectible tees, buttons, midriffs, leggings… last tour they were selling Shannon and the Clams combs.

hunx merch 1966858_824682144213213_1551028457_n (1)


4. They’re super hot and like to get naked

It’s hot under those stage lights. But I don’t think that’s the real reason lead singer Seth Bogart frequently sheds clothing during his shows.

hunx naked 2 tumblr_m9enisVlRk1rems4to1_1280 (1)


5. Their fans are also super hot and like to get naked

Much like a pet dog takes after it’s owners, the crowd at a Hunx show will often follow the frontman and strip down to just the essentials. Whatever your persuasion, you’re a little more likely to pick up at a good gig because that hot stranger can safely assume you have good taste. But there’s something special in the air at a Hunx and His Punx show to make you lose inhibitions (and clothing). Probably by the force of some freaky voodoo on Hunx’s behalf, their fans are babes.

hunx naked hunxandhispunx_hardlyart_sheastadium-608x405


Hopefully we have you convinced but tune into Jack Off with Jack Shit from 3pm this Saturday for more. Hunx and His Punx will be dropping by the station to have a yarn and perform live.


WHAT :: Hunx and His Punx with Shannon and the Clams, The Gooch Palms and THE SUFFERJETS

WHERE :: Oxford Art Factory

WHEN :: Saturday 19 April, 8pm

TICKETS :: BUY HERE – $30 + booking fee

MORE INFO: Facebook event



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