FBi Monthly Mixtape #017

October 4th 2023

“hahahahahahatheyearisalmostoverhahahahaitstheendofSeptemberithougtitwasstillAprilhahahahahf*CK” – Record scratch. Freezeframe. Yep, that’s probably you right now. Ease your worries (time is fake) and relax into the final quarter of the year with selections from FBi’s best.

Madi Martin-Bygrave, producer of Sunset with Simon Caldwell

Skyranger – Wonderful

A South African cover of “Italo overlords” Klein and MBO’s 1982 song, ‘Wonderful’. Whilst this cut is a lot deeper and heavier than the original, it maintains the otherworldly, dreamy elements which make the original so special. In fact, if I heard this at 2am in a smoky club, I think I would have no choice but to believe the alluring fem vocalist, who I like to imagine is some sort of Italo Disco siren. Her spoken-word advice – “we all go through changes babe / from one beautiful dream, to one bad dream” is nothing short of compelling. A proper sound system, moving bodies, and a smoke machine – wonderful.

DJ Nori – Palaver Tree (ft. Mika Arisaka)

This track features a deep, hypnotic groove which slowly builds as the track progresses. Like ‘Wonderful’, it features a fem protagonist who tells, rather than sings, the story of a “Palaver Tree,” an egalitarian meeting place for community. Jazzy and funky, listen for the strings that come in halfway through, which elevate the track even further.

Princess Julia – Moist (Womanly Needs) [Cupid Stunt mix]

This is a track I discovered whilst nerding out in the state library on my day-long digs through archived editions of 3D World magazine. A classic mid 90’s deep house cut, and a uniquely feminist one at that. Touching on sexuality, sensuality, and tapping into universal women’s disgruntlement – “you’re just not giving me anything / anything at all.” Princess Julia was speaking to all of us girls when she made this one. Oh, and props for that remix name.


Jenna Parker, presenter of Thursday Lunch

EXEK – It’s Just a Flesh Wound, Darling

There’s a rawness to Naarm post-punk band EXEK’s music that’s kept me leashed to their new releases since their 2022 Advertise Here album. Their vocal delivery oozes this soothing, borderline-hypnotic quality that perfectly complements the rich instrumentation. Listening to this track feels like a Lynchian dream sequence I never want to wake up from.

Acopia – Disengage

One of Acopia’s singles following on from their effortlessly romantic debut album Chances. An aptly named track, I listen to this and I want to disengage from society and start a new life in the forest. So lush, so tender and so dreamy.

Nina Buchanan – Rinse

I’m convinced any track off Nina Buchanan’s Restless Abandon album will soundtrack the forthcoming AI-induced robot revolution. There’s something so powerful about her ability to weave together electronic melodies with emotional resonance. I’ve rinsed this track on air because it balances a danceable quality with this ominous feeling, bubbling just under the surface, in such a timeless way.


Rhea Thomas & Patrick McKenzie, presenters of 704 W High St

Salmon 50 – hog (goblin)

This is a track off one of two of my favourite Aus emo and shoegaze compilations that we’ve been pulling from significantly for our show by Tactic666. The comps also include some lovely reimaginings of classics by Duster and My Bloody Valentine that are very much worth checking out. Repackaging, reworking and sampling is emo!

Fax Gang – Four Walls (feat. Parannoul)

An exciting meeting of digi emo between cloud rap group Fax Gang and shoegaze artist Parannoul. A key part of our show involves grappling with what emo looks and sounds like now – can confirm that this is what emo looks like in the 2020s (or, at least one manifestation).

your arms are my cocoon – snowy!

Lay a plucky guitar loop and basic drums over synth chords played on the toy keyboard you got for your sixth birthday. Record it on a Nokia phone and you have your arms are my cocoon. Don’t forget to scream into your pillow so loud you taste blood.

Rippedd – i’m here

Fuzzy, mumbly shoegaze straight out of Kyiv. This track from Rippedd’s recent album is brooding initially, but hits with a transcendent guitar solo around halfway through, calling back to the best kind of My Bloody Valentine vacuum cleaner-core transcendence. Also the album cover is a grainy photo of a house; what’s not to love!


Sam Lane, presenter of Friday Mornings

Computerwife – Vacation

I was put onto Computerwife by Rhea Thomas (who also interviewed Computerwife on The Playlist) and Oh My God the whole album is so good. It’s lush, emotional and a bit rough around the edges – so like, the perfect record.

Mura Masa – Whenever I Want

Another song rec from a friend! My friend Luc put this on during a road trip and the whole car went nuts. Mura Masa goes quasi footwork with a fantastic vocal sample and some pretty whimsical production. Fun fact: I’m pretty sure Naarm based artist Lex samples the same Outsidaz track on ‘Her Ego’ from her Ex Ex EP.

Nathan Micay – It’s Recess Everywhere

A stunning springtime dance track. I am loving the plunderphonic direction Nathan Micay has taken on this record. It’s totally unpretentious and results in a really uplifting listen. The best part about this song though is that there’s SLIDE GUITAR. Yee-haw!

Bo Harwood & John Cassavetes – No One Around To Hear It

This song is the first track off a recently reissued compilation from Searchlight Moonbeam. Originally from the soundtrack to a 1976 film, this song is a haunting acoustic ballad that grabs you from the first note. When the full compilation comes out I will be glued to my stereo!!


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