FBi Monthly Mixtape #016

August 30th 2023

We came here to chew bubblegum and discover some bangin’ tracks, hand-picked by FBi’s best. And we’re all out of bubblegum.

Ifeoma Obiegbu, host of Tuesday Mornings

Mali Jo$e – TAKE A BREATH (with OJC43)

Quite literally need to take a breath after listening to this tune, the start gives off such a heavenly vibes with notes of harp and strings underlying in the production then it gets into this dnb sound that rocks your world! *swoooooon* It’s what I’ve been listening to lately to get hype or pull myself in a trance, whatever feeing takes over first.

Josef – Ten Toes (feat. Yibby)

Although he’s new on the scene, Josef has already solidified a name for himself in Eora with this groovy track. ‘Ten Toes’ has the rapper gliding over the beat with a soft voice and a delicious sense of lyricism. The feature from Yibby brings it over the top, they pair so well it’s insane. Great song for summer, cannot wait to blast it at the beach, it’s just toooooo calm.

Jungle – I’ve Been In Love (feat. Channel Tres)

No words. How can I describe such a perfect song. Produced by gods; I’m up and dancing when this comes on, I just can’t help but boogie! It starts so calm with Channel Tres and his rhymes, you have no idea how to feel when that chorus with the melody of singing voices hits. While it’s just come out recently, this track is sure to be a classic. P.S. the entire album is just as enchanting.

Tangela, host of Citrus

Christian Coiffure – Meet Her Stage 2

This is standout club track from Rennes-based artist Christian Coiffure from his album Lookbook 2021 – 2023 for Lyon label Comic Sans. It’s a dance floor ready, bass-heavy thumper with infectious energy and just the right amount of restraint. Drawing on influences of dub, bass music, trance-y tech house and minimalistic IDM, Christian Coiffure has masterfully crafted a true stank-faced stomper.

amuwa – Goblin

Eora-based artist amuwa is an expert storyteller. His newest track ‘Goblin’ is a slow and steady build, incorporating elements of minimal-psy, his signature squelchy bass-heavy frequencies and broken beats. It’s stripped back, wiggy and heavy while still having cute, cheeky moments, striking a perfect balance for those eyes-closed, solo full bodied wiggles on the dance floor. A song you play out in its entirety. The beauty in this track lies in the minutiae, the small bubbling details that start to reveal themselves more and more with each listen. The track was released on Terrasonic Vol.1, a stacked compilation from Alkini’s new label a-biotic out of Nantes that includes an all-star cast and strong Australian representation. Stonkers start to finish.

turbinaria – explanaria

turbinaria is the project of Ukrainian duo Volodymyr Gnatenko & Shjva, and ‘explanaria’ is the final track of their self released EP binomiale. It’s a thoughtful, percussive, underwater soundscape with a chunky driving beat and nods to early 2000’s trance. One for sunset at the doof for sure.

Kavi, host of Up for It! on Tuesday


Taken from her new album, The Spiritual Meat Grinder, this track from Zheani is a crazy addictive hit of tech-house pop. Beyond the body-shaking prowess of its voltaic basslines, ‘BRING WET CUNT’ also showcases Zheani’s knack for writing super catchy pop melodies. This is total bunker-rave-pop-euphoria. Zheani is an Australian icon.


If AGONY has million fans, then I’m one of them. If AGONY has one fan, then I’m that one. If AGONY has no fans, that means I’m dead. I cannot overstate how much we should all be watching the rise of AGONY. They’ve gone from strength to strength with their releases, and ‘TRUE RELIGION’ might be my favourite single so far. I love hearing AGONY lean into their #softboi energy, and this track spotlights that in a glistening haze of delicate synths and these lush, digitised vocal harmonies. It feels like a warm hug, and it’s super beautiful.


From Eora-based powerhouse BVT, this single is an ode to their beautiful lover, Basjia. Described as “an epic celebration of Queer, black & brown love,” ‘BASJIA!B∆SJIA!’ sees BVT’s declarations of adoration soar over super hot afrobeat production. BVT and Basjia are both icons of Eora’s queer and POC communities – I am immensely inspired by them both, and I feel literal magic spilling out of this track. I need to be dancing to this at every dayparty this summer.

Isa, host of Sunset with Athletica

Burna – Ritmo das Vielas

Burna is a Boorloo based producer, DJ, and dad of Terminal.au with his super lovely DJ gf Hally. I can say with my whole chest that Burna is one of the best producers in the country right now and tbh if he was anywhere else he’d be two Boiler Rooms deep and on the festival circuit. Every single one of my favourite DJs have Burna IDs in their tracklists! He’s a king!!! His specialty is UK dance but he marries those influences seamlessly with baile funk, soca, and dembow elements. The result is tracks that bang every single time. I could’ve chosen anything from his discography but I’ve gone with the title track from his latest release, Ritmo das Vielas.

DAWS –  Gay Up Your Life (DAWS ADHD Edit)

This is the ‘Spice Up Your Life’ edit we didn’t know we needed off ADHD EDITS VOL 004, from DAWS’s own label ADHD Unlimited. Big carnival funhouse vibes. It has just enough Spice Girls to be recognisable, but also just enough reimagining and original production from DAWS to feel fresh. I’ve been trying to limit myself to only edits that I would play if they didn’t include the pop sample and this is absolutely one of them. I fully think this edits pack is going to be one of the big ones of the summer, so get in early. Also, 100% of the profits go to Blak Rainbow, so there really isn’t any reason not to cop.

Kelela – Washed Away (SHUKO edit)

SHUKO is a producer/composer and DJ from Boorloo, now based in Narrm! He’s a certified angel so it makes tons of sense that he would know exactly what to do with a track as ethereal as Kelela’s ‘Washed Away’ – it’s been transmuted with footwork/juke influences, keeping all the original pearlescent and chrome finishings. Honestly sounds like something that would be on the remix album. 10/10, obsessed.


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