FBi Monthly Mixtape #012

March 29th 2023

Daylight savings is ending (in case you didn’t know, now you do), and do you know what you should do with that oh-so-precious extra hour of time? Bump this month’s new new new Monthly Mixtape #012 of course! Full disclaimer; time is a social construct, and an extra hour is not really an extra hour for you to keep, so much as it is an extra hour you have been loaned and the government will, in six months, come to take away (don’t let them). Anyway, this month’s time-shunting mix has everything from classic dance floor heaters to some fresh fem punk, and is the perfect accompaniment to your extra hour in the sun. Enjoy!

The Santamaria Brothers & Reenie, hosts of Sunset with Motorik

Kylie Minogue – Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix)

I’ve played this a few times on our show over the years, and it never fails to get the textline popping. The correlation of FBi listeners and the MTK Cru agreeing on liking this tune guarantees good   times.

The Chemical Brothers are one of the most enduring electronic acts of our generation and their take on Kylie Minogue, one of the most enduring pop stars of our time, is a match that not only makes conceptual sense but is also a certified dance floor basher. ~ Andrew

Simple Symmetry, Lord Fascinator – Czars in My Eyes (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

We don’t usually get down to cosmic disco tunes, but every now and then one comes along that is so irresistibly epic, vast and luscious it makes its way firmly and unanimously on the MTK USB sticks. Simple Symmetry have co-penned exactly this type of tune with the Australian troubadour/mage known as Fascinator. Prins did his thing with the diskomiks, and the rest is history. ~ Pat

Guy Contact – Amygdala Tongue Wobble

Recently I’ve been slamming this Guy Contact tune – its quirky name aligns with the syncopated drums and bleeps synths that wobble throughout. Guy Contact, originally hailing from Perth, has quickly become a major global force to be reckoned with, especially off the back of multiple packed out Club 77 gigs in Eora/Sydney and standout releases on Coymix and Butter Sessions. This tune in particular sums up the 90s throwback, house meets electro sound that’s quickly become a staple for vocal-less dance tunes and naturally, has been an essential spin on Sunset. ~ Reenie

Sim Cheuanghane, host of The Bridge

Material + Object – Enter

Fittingly named, Enter is the opening track that acquaints us with the sounds we grow familiar with over Material + Object’s LP, Telepathy. Eerie yet welcoming, the electronically augmented strings progressively build a comforting yet confounding atmosphere eliciting ASMR-ish tingles. I’m a sucker for exploratory processes so, it was cool to learn that this whole release was born out of an improv session with a lone violinist. Someone on the textline shared that the track worked seamlessly with the crickets that evening.

Angus Mills – Herbert St

Abundantly filled with crispy details, Angus Mills’ Herbert St marks a lush end to summer. Paired with the nostalgic bassline that gently carries throughout the track, it affirms to me that there’s something inherently sexy about 90-100 bpm.

For my first Bridge, I played the title track Alva that was out for preorder. Only midway through the track did I realise that Simon had ended Sunset with it. I cringed but also, hey, at least it affirms that we love local music.

Jasper Craig-Adams, host of Real to Reel

Romance – Surprise

A wild and captivating debut record from Romance, made up of members of various underground bands (including Display Homes, Basic Human, Dumbells) as well as debut musical appearance from Jane on vocals.

For fans of the hardcore punk genre, Romance’s whole 7” is definitely worth a listen, but the track ‘Surprise’ serves as a dip into the band’s most powerful and chaotic sounds. With Jane’s screaming at it’s most unintelligible reaches, guitar at its most rambling, and bass and drums locked in to its tightest sounds (complete with doom metal-esque breakdown) ‘Surprise’ is a new hardcore punk classic for the local scene.

Mope City – The Wind Locked Me Out

A gritty new single from local mopey bedroom sludgy pop purveyors (how weird is it ascribing these random genres on anyone) Mope City. ‘The Wind Locked Me Out’ is characterised by Mope’s classic softly doubled vocals, stumbling rhythmic changes, and their iconic pairing of acoustic guitar next meaty overdriven guitars and feedback. For those who want something a little darker and noisier yet still recognisably song-like, check out Mope City’s new single (as well as all their other music).

Itchy & The Nits – Dreamboat

Bursting with playful exuberance and high energy bops, the debut self titled 7” from local rockers Itchy & The Nits is a joyful ode to classic punk and riot grrrl rock. The track Dreamboat feels like a song out of a 90s alternative coming of age film in all the best ways.

Kristelle, host of Yanos

Mas Musiq – Sengizwile (feat. Aymos & Young Stunna)

This song here is a staple in all my sets. The vocals on this are so pretty along with the melody! It can be dropped at any time!

ShuanMusiq & Ftears x XDuppy – Bhebha (ft Myztro, Mellow & Sleazy, QuayR Musiq & Matuteboy)

This is a newer track for this month, another dance floor hit from ShaunMusiq, Myztro & Mellow & Sleazy. The bass line on this one hits! MUST be played on the big sound system.


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