Giana Festa

Independent Artist of the Week: To Oscar

To Oscar is truly a child of the unfiltered, endless internet. His music is boundless in much the same way.

Independent Artist of the Week: Chonzu

Our Independent Artist of the Week Chonzu’s latest mixtape is a guided tour through a alterterranean sonic landscape. He joined Ify on Up For It to tell us all about it.

One year on, Caroline Polachek reflects on Desire, I Want to Turn Into You

In the midst of her first solo Australian tour, Caroline Polachek joined Tanya Ali in the studio for an interview on Lunch. The two spoke about her most recent album, the stories behind certain tracks, and the future of PC Music.

“Let’s just lean into the broken glass of it” – Too Birds on Lunch

The fourth album from Naarm artists Too Birds, Soul of Too Birds, is an experimental hip hop record laced with sardonic wit and dripping with caustic irony. Yet it is also at the same time powerfully grounded and sensitive. The artists behind our Album of the Week this week called in to Lunch with Isaac Ortlipp to tell us all about it.

Shoegaze Legends Slowdive on Arvos

Neil Halstead and Simon Scott of Slowdives dropped by Arvos with Ruby and Al to chat about their upcoming album, whether their status as one of THE shoegaze bands affected the process behind recording it, and how the chaos of the pandemic drove them to create something hopeful.

The “sentient sound” of CORIN’s Lux Aeterna

Melbourne producer CORIN’s second album Lux Aeterna is made of musical lightbeams. Try to follow the path of any one sound and you’ll quickly become entangled. She joined Darren Lesaguis on The Playlist to chat all about the new record.

A master of the art of broken pieces – Jaguar Jonze on Mornings

Jaguar Jonze makes many things from the shards of her life – alongside music she is a visual artist, a photographer, and an activist. Processing, reclaiming, creating; she explained on Mornings with Kana Frazer that for her art is a technique necessary for survival. Art is a way to master the broken pieces.

Independent Artist of the Week: Elle Shimada

Elle Shimada’s latest single is like a 3D printed heart on fire, blistering with bass, polished in plastic and bleeding like a screeching violin. FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week this week, the Naarm-Melbourne-based producer, DJ, and vocalist spoke to Kate Saap on Up for It! about the process behind her latest single.

Collarbones forever

Legendary Australian duo Collarbones are breaking up. Mainstays of the scene who, in the 16 years they’ve been active, basically wrote the script for Australian electronic pop music, Travis Cook and Marcus Whale have decided it’s finally time to say goodbye. However, as they told Tommy Codling on Thursday Arvos, they’re not going out without a bang.

Yaeji’s back With A Hammer on Arvos with Bri Kennedy

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from the electronic dance-art-pop producer. Six years after her first EP, Yaeji’s debut album is finally here and so is she, back in Eora/Sydney for two shows at the Sydney Opera House. She spoke with Bri Kennedy on Arvos all about her album and her new live show.