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November 26th 2013


Every week, Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer who Sandro Dallarmi thinks are worth getting to know. You can hear the new Fade Up mixtape before it hits the Flog by tuning into Sandro’s show on FBi, The Mixing Bowl.


Adelaide isn’t known as the party hub of Australia, but that’s done anything but deter Tink from thrashing out some intense nights down south. The DJ-turned-producer pushes heavy bass and spine-snapping beats, so she’s on your radar whether you like it or not.


Meet Tink


Sandro :: Your profile seems to be rising pretty quickly. In fact I read that you got into DJing by watching the video for ‘Cornelius’ by The Bloody Beetroots, and before too long you got an opportunity to play in the same club that that video was shot in. How have you made these sorts of things happen for yourself?

Tink :: I think at the time Adelaide was really lacking in female DJ’s, I was lucky enough to be discovered by a club that happened to come across my Facebook page and decided to give me a go and from there I soon became known as the ‘new girl’ in the industry. Through the initial club gig I thought to myself there would be years before I could play at an acclaimed club such as Electric Circus (where Cornelius was shot) but I was brought over by one of the partners and also the manager, they gave me a shot and that’s been my true home ever since. I can say I’m really lucky but I also did work for it, it’s difficult being a female DJ due to the stigma attached. You have to really prove that you have skills and that you aren’t hired just for your appearance.

When did music production come into the picture?

Initially I just wanted to focus on DJing, becoming super skilled and eventually getting interstate gigs, but I soon learned that to get at least a foot in the door you’d have to have some idea about how to produce even if it is only mashups. So I decided to take a course at SAE and watch copious amounts of Youtube tutorials which I still do to this day, I then started listening to my favourite artists trying to learn their techniques. Nowadays I tend to focus more on production as I’m still learning and growing.

You’re from Adelaide, a city which a lot of people associate with a complete lack of partying. You seem to be setting fires down there though. What’s the scene really like?

Haha, yeahhh we do cop a bit of flack about our lack of partying nevertheless I have had many….large nights down in Adelaide. Adelaide has its ups and downs thats for sure but I guess you just have to choose your night. Trapped is an amazing event that has only just started up and is based around trap, hip hop, bass music and from the get go that has taken off and is one of the craziest nights I have been involved in. We can party don’t you worry, I have the headaches and (unfortunately) pictures to prove it.


Listen to Tink’s Fade Up mixtape below

  • Tink :: Fade Up Mixtape #17



Djemba Djemba – ‘I Just Go (TK Kayembe Remix)’

Papertoy  – ‘The Love’

Electric Mantis – ‘Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops’

Renz – ‘Waiting On Me’

What So Not – ‘Touched’

Lambo – ‘Ass Everywhere (Jesse Slayter Remix)’

Buzz Trillington – ‘I’ma Make It’

Illy Noise – ‘Comeback’

Thefaded. – ‘Back At It’

DCUP feat. Merek – ‘Don’t Be Shy (Wave Racer Remix)’



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