Fade Up :: Chiefs

January 3rd 2014


Every week, Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer who Sandro Dallarmi thinks are worth getting to know. You can hear the new Fade Up mixtape before it hits the Flog by tuning into Sandro’s show on FBi, The Mixing Bowl.


Much like Kilter, Melbourne’s Sione Sisifa has recently stepped up from making sample-heavy hip hop beats, to releasing much more creative, fully-realised productions. For Sisifa, this means a change of moniker – from C1 to Chiefs. It’s a big change, but it’s one worth listening to.


Meet Chiefs



Sandro :: Under another moniker you produced a song for Allday that found itself in the Triple J Hottest 100. Why did you decide to abandon that project after such a successful track?

Chiefs :: That track was one of those rare moments when all the pieces fit together really well from writing to production. We worked on many many songs after that and we’re still in search of that illusive smash hit. I branched out a bit as well and worked with a bunch of different artists and eventually was most comfortable producing my own songs.

Your label, Die High, is based in Perth, and a lot of music similar to yours is coming from out west. How much has Melbourne embraced that sound? Are there many parties playing these types of beats?

The Melbourne kids really embrace the sound. They’re an eclectic bunch of listeners and they like to support good beats. But I still feel like the other cities have it over us in terms of organisation and parties. In saying that, Can’t Say and The Operatives throw cool parties and bring some great producers to Melb.

We’ve just slipped into a whole new year. What’s the plan?

The plan is to release new music. Get out and do some crazy shows and festivals and then I want to head back to the States again.


  • Chiefs :: Fade Up Mixtape #20



Chloe Martini – ‘Temptation (Khadisma Remix)’

Kelly Rowland – ‘Kisses Down Low (Alizzz Remix)’

Ghost Mutt – ‘33 10’

Tkay Maidza – ‘Brontosaurus (ft. Badcop)’

Seinabo Sey – ‘Younger (Kygo Remix)’

Cassie – ‘Me & You (RLPremix)’

Falcons – ‘2me’

DRDR – ‘Don’t Break It (KAASI Remix)’




Chiefs | The Mixing Bowl | Fade Up



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