FBi Radio First Look: Call Me By Your Name


18 December 2017




Dendy Cinemas Newtown

Set in Northern Italy during the summer of 1983, Call Me By Your Name is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, timeless attraction and the idylls of youth.

Elio’s (Timothée Chalamet) lazy summer is interrupted by the arrival of Oliver (Armie Hammer), his father’s new American research assistant. As the days pass and they spend more time together they both discover an awakening desire that will alter each of their lives forever.

Call Me By Your Name includes new music by Sufjan Stevens and the film was the recipient of the Audience Award for Best Film at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival and the runner-up at the Sydney Film Festival.

Call Me By Your Name hits cinemas on December 26. But, you can see it first with FBi Radio at Dendy Newtown on Monday, December 18.


For your chance to win a double pass, email firstlook@fbiradio.com with CALL ME BY YOUR NAME’ in the subject heading. Please include your FBi Radio supporter number.

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