Event :: Sydney Community Cup

August 10th 2013

2013 Reclink Community Cup


Working in radio can make you real angry. Like when you forget to press the on-air button, or you mispronounce an obscure band name… Over time, this shit can really get to you. The only way we’ve found you can release some of the built up crazy ‘legally’ is in the wonderful world of sport, where a rough tackle equals celebration rather than an AVO.

This method of anger management has proved pretty successful. The studio-sea legs of the Sydney Sailors are steady as she goes and the scurvy-dogs are defending champs… Just sayin’. 

The teams for the aussie rules Sydney 2013 Community Cup may sport some familiar faces from gigs or familiar names from your broadcaster of choice. But despite their differences and insatiable thirst for victory and enemy blood (this shit is insane) they’re all united for a damn good cause.

Reclink provides programs and support for disadvantaged youths, and the gold coin entry to the game will help them continue the good work. The Melbourne version, which the Sydney event is based upon, raised more than $100,000 for the charity this year. Check out more of Reclink’s worthy projects here.



Adam Spencer – ABC Radio
Alex Dyson – triple j
Anthony Dockrill – 2SER
Bart Denaro – FBi Radio
Brett Dayman – theMusic.com.au
Cameron Menegoni – 2SER
Chris Zajko – FBi Radio
Damian Seymour
Declan Byrne – FBi Radio
Ed Kirkwood – FBi Radio
Heli Newton
Hugh Robertson – FBi Radio
Jack Crane – 2RRR
Jason Antonovich – Bang
Jefferson-Clyde Joseph – MAX
Kimberley Tan – 2SER
Kris Swales – theMusic.com.au
Laura Corrigan – 2SER
Lia Tsamoglou – 2SER
Max Easton – Mess&Noise
Mitch Byat – 2SER
Monique Schafter – ABC
Nathan Gibbons – FBi Radio
Nicholas Johnson
Nick Walker – Fairfax
Rachelle Alchin
Robbie Keswick – 2SER
Scott Fitzsimons – theMusic.com.au
Stuart Coupe – FBi Radio
Tim Higgins – 2SER



Adam Yee – Smudge
Alicia Kish – Sounds Australia
Andrew Ryan – APRA
Andy Kelly – Ivy League
Bernie Hallam
Cameron Potts – Oxford & Co
Cec Condon – The Mess Hall
Craig Lyons – Little Lovers
Danny Cusack – The Turps
Dave Shaw – The Stems
Elliot Weston – Bang
Glenn Dickie – Sounds Australia
Glenn Koek – Zombie Dog
Hunter McMahon – Bang
Huw Farrell – Bachelor Pad
James Roden – City Lights
Jason Nonnis – Youngblood Artists
Jed Kurzel – The Mess Hall
Jon Dyster – Bang
Kirsten Morley – Wifey
Lachlan McQueen – Civilians
Mark Evans – ex-AC/DC
Mark Jenkins – Bang
Mark Smithers – Annandale Hotel
Matt Banham – Disgusting People
Matthew Kennedy – We Manage
Nick Langley – Cogel
Paul Kueppr – Little Lovers
Sebastian Dickins – Bang
Shane Melder – The Polaroids
Simon Trevaks – Spiros
Tim West – Frozen Doberman
Travis Banko – Lunatic Entertainment
Wintah Thompson – Little Lovers


The official launch of the Cup is at The Vic in Enmore, Thursday 8 August from 6pm, with Front End Loader’s Bow & Davis claiming the stage at 7.30pm. Also. What is sport without a meat raffle? NOT SPORT AT ALL THAT’S WHAT. So you can win you some sweet sausage. And if all this free produce has put you in a party mood, catch Mezko and Melodie Nelson at The Malborough and continue the fundraisin’ fun.

There are two more free entry fundraisers at the Malborough in the lead up to the Cup.

Thursday 15 August – Little Lovers and Restless Leg

Thursday 22 August- Toby Martin and Sam Shinazzi

The main game with take place at Henson Park in Marrickville on Sunday 25 August, with gates open at 1pm and entry at 2pm. So come chuck a Murdoch and back a winner, it’s totally working for him at the moment right?


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