DRMNGNOW on Indigenous Lands and the need for anthems

July 11th 2018

  • DRMNGNOW :: Interview with Twitey on Arvos

DRMNGNOW is Neil Morris, a multi-disciplinary Yorta Yorta artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). Up in Gadigal country to celebrate NAIDOC Week with a string of shows and other engagements, he dropped by the station to talk about his latest single, ‘Indigenous Land’.

‘Indigenous Land’ came from a need to raise the awareness of all peoples as they move across this country. Awareness about where they are, about the Indigenous presence and about how its importance is being upheld.

The track’s trappier elements reflect the darkness and gravity of the land’s brutal colonial history. More than this it was a conscious stylistic choice – a play to speak more directly to young Indigenous people who Neil believes lack anthems from which they can draw strength.

He hopes that his music might help “young people to feel something robust come through them, that they can move forward in their days feeling stronger… and it can break, a little bit, the shackles of [ongoing] oppression.

Neil’s humility and wisdom come through strongly in this enlightening chat, check it out above.



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