Driving with Donny: ‘Shag’s First Coffee’ (episode 1)

September 24th 2014

Driving w Donny EP1 SS

Treat yourself. Cruise through Sydney’s streets with Donny Benét as chauffeur… Go Driving with Donny.

From Sept 22 – Oct 3, we’re asking you to Drive FBi: get behind the wheel of Sydney music, art and culture by supporting this independent, not-for-profit station. Who better to point out the crème de la crème of this fine city with than its most sophisticated lover?

He’s got a good reputation, he’s got the touch. He’s Donny Benét-nét.

Donny’s getting in the driver’s seat in nothing but his Sunday best to drive some special guests around Sydney, taking them to some of the city’s most-loved eateries. Hop into Donny’s vintage Holden Caprice and let the romance of the driving date unfold… while picking up some life lessons in the Gentleman’s Code and the Game of Love from Mr Benét himself.



Watch Mr Benét pick up FBi’s Friday Arvos team Sweetie and Shag, taking them to a secret café spot in Redfern (The Rag Land) to learn the art of ordering coffee (the man who really knows his Italian drinks). Shag bravely enters the world of coffee-drinking for the first time ever (sort of), and Sweetie feels The Heat.


Created by :: Stephanie Day

Director of Photography :: Jack Saltmiras


Keep driving…

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Donny Benet’s new album ‘Weekend At Donny’s’ is out September 26 through the legendary Rice Is Nice.

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