Dr Brown

March 28th 2011


If FBi does one thing for you (apart from sharing sick tunes, putting on rad gigs, supporting Sydney art and culture, letting you borrow that dark red lipstick, picking up your dry-cleaning, holding your things while you look for your wallet in your bag, telling you when you have something in your teeth, writing notes when you skip class, handwashing your delicates and cooking you late-night omelettes) it will be to make sure you go see Dr Brown tonight.

This man is the funniest comedian I have ever seen, and I don't even like comedy. I like laughing – don't get me wrong. But I get bored waiting at comedy gigs for the next guy in a naff slogan t-shirt to finish telling me about how bad he is with women. Dr Brown is anti-comedy. He doesn't wear naff slogan t-shirts. He doesn't say much, and normally, you are the joke.

After training with legendary clown and theatre maker Philippe Gaulier in Paris, Dr Brown has bewildered and beguiled audiences around the plenty with his absurdist brand of silent comedy. He is utterly original and can sometimes get it very wrong. His comedy is abstract and empty; he creates unfamiliar characters and pokes fun at condiments. He recently snuck up on audiences at the Imperial Panda Festival.

I don't want to spoil this for you. Stop reading, start calling. Make Monday night plans.

Dr Brown
The Old Fitzroy Theatre
nr Cathdral & Dowling St
$15 on the door
Box office at 7pm, doors open at 8pm


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