Download :: Fuse Music, Free The Beats and I Oh You

July 13th 2011


Forget Paris, roses, chocolate, ill-advised bum tatts and skywriting. Here at the Flog we've always believed the best and most romantic way to declare your love is with a mixtape – and if it doesn't work, you can always console yourself that anyone who can't appreciate the immortal poetry of Morrissey/Stephin Merritt/the cast of Buffy doesn't deserve you anyway.

So here we are, shyly but adoringly presenting you with not one but three lovingly-crafted mixes for all your moods. The first is a Flog Exclusive(tm)! Our bosom buddies at Fuse Music Group cherry-picked some of the best tracks from their recent releases, especially for you. Download it here. (Notez-bien, mes chers et cheries: This is a fleeting affair, a brief encounter if you will – this mix is only available until July 18th, so fling yourself into its arms ASAP.) This is the track list in case you need a bit more more foreplay (ew):

No Surrender ‘Godda Get It’ (Zero Killed Music/Groove Attack)
When Saints Go Machine ‘Kelly’ (!K7)
Benji Boko ‘Where My Heart Is’ featuring Maxi Jazz (Tru Thoughts)
Hollie Cook ‘Sugar Water (Look At My Face)’ (Mr Bongo)
Com Truise ‘Cathode Girls’ (Ghostly International/!K7)
Skeletons ‘Grandma’ (Crammed)
Eilen Jewell ‘Queen of the Minor Key’ (Fuse)

The second is from Free The Beats, who release quarterly mixes featuring "Future beats, wonky, dustep, experimental glitchy electronica to downtempo instrumental hip hop", all lovingly stitched together like the quilt in your hope chest. Grab it here – and if you prefer your love touchable, they also do a limited run of 100 CDs of each mix in "tactile" packaging. Oooh.

Finally, we have a link to a brilliant little all-Aussie mix from indie-party troublemakers I Oh You – featuring Oscar + Martin, Megastick Fanfare, Bleeding Knees Club and loads more, it's so brilliant you could totally just rip it off and send it to that cute girl you met in Berlin and pretend you made it just for her and she'd fly out here to bitchenschlapp you for lying and stay to see all the acts live. Your call.


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