Declan Byrne on why you should sign up as an FBi Radio supporter

September 18th 2019

  • Declan Byrne :: Interview with Bridie Tanner

Heard of Declan Byrne, Linda Marigliano, Marc Fennell, A.H. Cayley, Coda Conduct, or Ebony Boadu? They all got their start presenting here at FBi.

In the beginning, they went through a group entry interview, presenting The Allnighter during the wee hours of the morning, moving into hosting their own shows on FBi, and then onwards and upwards into the radio stratosphere!

Declan Byrne – former host of Monday Mornings on FBi Radio and now host of Triple J’s Home and Hosed – joined current Monday Mornings Host Bridie Tanner during our One Giant Leap supporter drive.

Bridie asked Declan about how he started out at FBi Radio.

“A friend told me FBi was doing a presenter callout and that I should have a go. I was at uni and wasn’t loving it. There was a group interview with 20 people, we were asked our favourite song… I thought there were a lot more funny and great people in the interview – I was a bit quiet and didn’t get through.”

Much to Declan’s surprise, he DID get through and started hosting Allnighters.

He asked listeners to to sign up as FBi supporters to help future-proof Sydney music, arts, and culture, and ensure that other emerging talent get their start.

“What would it be like if Sydney didn’t have FBi? It’d be much less dynamic, and much less creative. FBi is here to reflect the great things happening in Sydney, and if you didn’t hear that on the radio every day that’d be a less vibrant Sydney”.

All FBi Radio presenters are volunteers. If you love what they do, and want to see more presenters get their start, you can sign up to become a supporter here. PLUS, if you sign up today, you’ll go into the running to win a major prize from our supporter drive.

Listen to Bridie and Declan’s beautiful voices up top.


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