Introducing the 2024 FBi Radio Dance Class trainees

We’re beyond excited to introduce you to our 2024 Dance Class cohort. These six trainees are the next big names in this city’s dance and electronic music scene.

For the past three months they’ve been busy attending masterclasses as part of our fem, trans, and non-binary dance music mentorship program FBi Radio Dance Class. They’ve been trained by industry heavyweights including Tangela, Isa, D-Grade, and FBi Radio programming team Freya Shields and Bindi Mutiara.

The trainees have learnt everything from mixing skills on CDJ’s and vinyl, to running their own events, to hosting live radio. We also paired them with mentors at the station for a month-long radio residency, which will culminate with a live featured mix on air.

The program wraps up May 31 with a graduation showcase at Club 77. Keep an eye out for details

Our six trainees join an impressive alumni, many of whom have gone on to have international DJ careers, play major festivals, host national radio, and become leading figures in the local dance music community, with their own events series, club nights and radio shows.



Attu, an emerging force in the Eora music scene, intricately crafts a dynamic and powerful sound by seamlessly blending genres. From Afro and tribal rhythms to vogue, drum and bass, hip hop, electronica, and techno, her innovative approach to music mirrors her limitless exploration of sound. With an infectious energy, Attu consistently mesmerises the dancefloor establishing herself as a compelling presence in the ever-evolving musical realm. Keep an eye out as Attu continues to pushes the boundaries of genres and reshape the sonic landscape with her eclectic palette.



Raised amidst the challenges and joys of being a first-generation Bengali Australian, Galiba is grateful for the formative rave experiences that have carved out safe spaces for identity, expression and connection for so many dancers like herself in the community. Galiba is continuously drawn back to global inspired grooves and sounds rooted in her diaspora, floating from dreamy dub to percussive breaks. Interested in unlikely combinations, and alternating between moods and genres, she strives to learn from unfamiliar musical landscapes. She hopes to have everyone strutting, bouncing and dancing together, but is comfortable in the quieter moments too.



As a lab tech by trade, Heads likes to turn anything into an experiment- including the decks. Inspired by both the European club and Eora warehouse scene, Heads is a lover of anything techno and aims for deep, heady and organic mixes. Their taste ranges from sparkling ambient to energetic body-shakers to swirling dark spirals that take you deep into your Heads.



With a background in dance study, Killian finds a home for self-exploration, expression, connection and joy through movement – extending this practice to dance music. Drawing on post punk influences and deep electronics Killian creates a rich, oozing melting pot of sound, carefully balanced by flirtation and femininity. Playing live or as a resident on Tangela’s Sunset show on FBI 94.5, Killian creates a listening experience that encourages restoration and community health, a space to indulge in movement, music and breath.



Laura Ligonis Arnaldo aka Lau is a Spanish-born, Gadigal-raised DJ whose musical selection is aimed at exploring experimental music within the fusion of Latin and electronic genres. She hosted monthly radio shows on Radio Relativa (Madrid) as well as being featured on stations like Pretend Radio.



Maim loves all things rhythmic and dark – she brings a dose of breaks, dub, and IDM to the airwaves and eora scene. With a background in producing and mixing with artists from Western Sydney, she blends contemporary jungle and bassy textures with the sounds of the diverse local underground.