Culture Guide: Sydney Lockdown Edition

July 26th 2021
Digital and Performance Art

Outlines: Serwah Attafuah x Soft Centre | Apotheosis

“A real-time motion capture performance, in which movement artist Lydia Kivela explores a hyper-real 3D environment created by Serwah Attafuah, accompanied by an original score, performed live, by ptwiggs. Inspired by the glaring neon ambience of Spring Breakers and cyberpunk, Apotheosis ushers audiences through a hallucinogenic dreamscape populated by demons, abandoned Western Sydney landmarks and NPC doomers.

Stream for free on the Sydney Opera House Website, find out more, here.

Author in Conversation - Zoom Event

Clem Bastow – Late Bloomer

“With wit and warmth, Clem reflects as an autistic adult on her formative experiences as an undiagnosed young person, from the asphalt playground of St Joseph’s Primary School in Melbourne to working as an entertainment journalist in Hollywood. Along the way she challenges the broader cultural implications and ideas around autism, especially for women and gender-diverse people. Deconstructing the misconceptions and celebrating the realities of autistic experience, Late Bloomer is as heartbreaking as it is hilarious, and will stay with you long after the reading.”

Tune into Clem Bastow’s Conversation with Graeme Simpson for free, on the Tuesday the 28th, 6:30m, register here. 


Feature Documentary

The Australian Dream

“From shy country kid to two-time Brownlow medallist and Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes is an inspiration to many. After thriving on the footy field for decades, Goodes’ world fell apart when he became the target of racial abuse during a game, which quickly spiralled into a whirlwind of public backlash. Speaking out about racism when Australia was not ready to hear the ugly truth, he would go on to quietly retire from AFL. Using the stunning athleticism of Goodes at the peak of his powers as well as the game itself as its backdrop, The Australian Dream prompts questions about Australia’s relationship with racism and its ability to confront its own past.”

Available to rent for $4.99, find more info here 


Arts Training and Workshops on Demand


“Brand X is proud to present our Artist-2-Artist professional development program – now on-demand. Sessions are presented by practicing artists or creatives, offering peer-to-peer training for independent artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional. ” Check out workshops on composing for the stage, textile design principles, presenting for camera and more, all from Brand X.”

Workshops are priced at $5 each and available on demand, here. 




“A controversial novel that Australia banned; a pop duo too risqué for the radio; a disastrous campaign of corporate activism; and a prank show from the ’60s that went too far – all things that never happened and are explored in stupid depth in Cancelled!, a new special from the viral comedy team at The Feed, featuring interviews with Andrew Denton, Rae Johnston, Matt Okine, Jordan Raskopoulos and Julia Zemiro.”

Stream free on sbs on demand, here. 


Comedy on Twitch

Demi Lardner's Twitch Channel

“Demi is good at comedy and has lots of awards which are very important and mean that Demi is objectively very good at comedy. You are allowed to love Demi and you are required to love Demi.” One of the stand outs of homegrown comedy Demi Lardner has been raking in the awards like Melbourne International Comedy Festival Directors Choice, MICF 2017 Underbelly Edinburgh Award, and first place in all our hearts. Demi has a twitch channel and regularly streams with other comedians like Mark Bonnano and Tom Walker.

Check out the channel and streaming schedule, here. 

Historical Stories

Frontier War Stories

“Frontier War Stories – a podcast dedicated to truth-telling about a side of Australian that has been left out of the history books. Each episode Boe will speak with different Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people about research, books and oral histories which document the first 140 years of conflict and resistance. These times are the Frontier Wars and these are our War Stories.”

Listen to Frontier War Stories free anytime, here.


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