Culture Guide September 25 – October 1: Sydney Architecture Festival, Late at the Lab + Opus

September 25th 2017
Monday 25th September

Dissolve - Inspiration by Korea

The Korean Cultural Centre Australia presents a specially-curated exhibition featuring five Australian artists who have been inspired by Korean art and culture. This exhibition aims to provide an opportunity to introduce the artists’ artworks which were inspired from their own personal experiences of Korea. It also investigates the multifaceted nature of cultural exchange to reveal the meaning of being Korean through the perspectives of non-Koreans. The specific intimate connection that exists between interpretations and crossovers of culture is exposed. The exhibition comprises of 30 works including painting, fibre, textile and Hanji (Traditional Korean paper) crafts.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 10am-6pm (until 10th November)
WHERE: Korean Cultural Centre, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Seeking Light

Born out of a disillusionment of traditional exhibition practices, Seeking Light will take you on a journey through some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world, places off the beaten track, places in the world that only a select few have visited.

WHAT: Photography Exhibition
WHEN: 11am-6pm (until October 3)
WHERE: 541 Artspace, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Tuesday 26th September

Insight: The Business of Communities

There’s no denying the inherent human need for connection, and the great power of the collective. This month Insight brings you a topic that, alongside Commerce and Culture, is a mainstay of The Office Space’s mission statement: Community. Three experts explore how to create communities of influence in the real world, the rules of engagement in the digital world, and how to cultivate an effective culture in the workplace.

WHAT: Talk Series
WHEN: 5:30-7pm
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: $27.33, more info

Wednesday 27th September


Twisted Element’s dance production, ‘Opus’ is immersive dance theatre designed around the ever-entwining relationship between human and machine, organic and synthetic, real and unreal. Cyborg characters adorned in lights, vacuous space age barbies and combat robots, immerse you into a futuristic world full of surrealism, hilarious metaphors and hypnotic beauty as the dancers loop in and out of the audience, coaxing them to become part of the experience.

WHAT: Dance Theatre Production
WHEN: 7-8pm (until 30th September)
WHERE: Pact Theatre, Erskineville
HOW MUCH: $20-39, more info

Late at the Lab X Two Up

What do apples and the art world have in common? Make the connection at Two Up, a talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in back-to-back lectures. For this special Underbelly Arts edition, Lucien Alperstein will present a talk on apple genetics, and Ayebatonye will speak about decolonising the art world.

WHAT: Talk Series
WHEN: 6-9pm
WHERE: National Art School, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: $10 (on the door), more info

Sonic Network No. 17

Sonic Network No. 17 extends John Aslanidis’ ongoing exploration into the visualisation of sound in art. Combining intuition with scientific precision, Aslanidis renders sonic waves with rhythmically interpenetrating concentric lines. His complex patterns and carefully selected colours are experienced like musical scores that emanate sound and vibration. They harness both an arresting elemental stillness and an endlessly pulsating movement, like spinning planets and orbiting moons.

WHAT: Art Exhibiton Opening
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Gallery 9, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Thursday 28th September

Clay Wood Salt: From Hovea to Sydney

Greg Crowe is one of Australia’s most respected potters. His ceramic works and exploration of materiality, along with his teaching skills, affirm the respect is well deserved. Greg Crowe’s wood-fired pots are held in public collections in Australia and overseas. He has been a practicing artist and gifted teacher for over 40 years.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 11am-4pm
WHERE: Mansfield’s Ceramics Gallery, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Without Water

Adopting a sophisticated macro photographic technique more commonly used in science than art, ‘Without Water’ is a series of highly detailed botanical images reminiscent of the plates and sketches of the Georgian botanists. Isamu Sawa renders his subjects rich in texture and form, revealing an almost otherworldly beauty.

WHAT: Photography Exhibition
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Black Eye Gallery, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, more info 

What Are We: Here We Are

What Are We is a sketch comedy trio featuring Belinda Anderson-Hunt, Jadzea Allen and Concetta Caristo. The emerging slapstick comedy group challenge stereotypes with comedic timing! What Are We hope to challenge Sydney’s comedy scene and create an environment where women in comedy is the norm.

WHAT: Comedy

WHEN: 7pm (and Saturday 7pm)

WHERE: The Terminal @ The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

HOW MUCH: $9-14. More info here.

Snoösphere by Lull Studios

Snoösphere by Lull Studios is a responsive installation of smell, feel and touch as apart of the Big Anxiety Festival. The installation was designed and created by autistic artist Dawn-Joy Leong and participating artists on the autistic spectrum, creating a unique sense of space sensorially and energetically. Snoösphere transports you to a sensory intensive future-land, empowering audiences to adjust and adapt to their surroundings through movement, touch and presence.


WHAT: Installation

WHEN: 5:30pm

WHERE: Corner of Oxford and Green Streets, Paddington

HOW MUCH: Free. More info here.

Friday 29th September

Sydney Architecture Festival

Sydney Architecture festival celebrates dangerous architectural innovation and ideas over 4 days of talks, exhibitions, installations, guided tours, and special events designed to engage, inform, inspire and entertain. This year they’re headed west into the heart of Sydney’s future. The 11th annual Sydney Architecture Festival is all about our heritage, our homes and our future. View the full program here

WHAT: Festival
WHEN: Launch party 5pm-9pm (Festival until Monday 2nd October)
WHERE: 1PSQ Western Sydney University, Parramatta
HOW MUCH: price varies with each event (registration required for all events), more info


As part of The Sydney Fringe, join host Maeve Marsden and a line up of stars and strangers for Sydney’s LGBTQIA storytelling night, a collection of reflections on lives well lived and battles fought, pride, prejudice, love and humour. The LGBTQI community has been sharing stories for centuries, creating history, disrupting and reinventing conventional ideas about narrative, family, love and community.

WHAT: Storytelling Night
WHEN: 7:30-9:30pm
WHERE: Giant Dwarf, Redfern
HOW MUCH: $24.70-29.70, more info

Saturday 30th September

Wollemi Artisan Market

Visit the the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre for a Spring market featuring live music, delicious food and range of unique stalls from designers and artists from the Blue Mountains, Sydney and West of the divide. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day browsing unique artisan wares in the warming Blue Mountains surrounds.

WHAT: Market Fair
WHEN: 10am-3pm
WHERE: Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba
HOW MUCH: Free, more info


Sunday 1st October

N E W S: Ariel Riveros and Chafic Ataya

Two poets from different points of the compass who now call Sydney home will present a range of poetry that traverses their personal relations of life and language. Ariel Riveros under-commons language and experience with bilingual hybridity. The topology of his work uses the trans-linguistic as recurring device, words floating in a lyrical sense of code-switching. Chafic Ataya s a poet whose basic belief confirms the living organic aspect of the Universe. Among other values embodied in his work, love rules supreme and man himself is no less privileged than an ever living being.

WHAT: Poetry Performance
WHEN: 2-3:30pm
WHERE: Brett Whitely Studio, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

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