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March 31st 2014

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Why’s everyone walking around like Monday is the end of the world?!

The weekend is only the beginning and there’s plenty more going on throughout Sydney this week. Fortunately for you, FBi’s culture guide has sifted through it to bring you the best of arts, culture and general happenings around town…


Monday 31st :: Dance, your way

Laneway Learning is all about getting an education; but it’s an education that is fun, inexpensive and all about the sort of things you want to know! Bad Dancer’s Guide to the Dance Floor takes your two left feet and gives you the skills to fake it till you make it at every social event requiring some relative competence at hip shaking.

WHAT: A Bad Dancer’s Guide to the Dance Floor
WHERE: Chapter One, Bondi, 34 Campbell Parade, Bondi
WHEN: 7:30pm
HOW MUCH: $12 (register online)

 Bad Dancers

Tuesday 1st :: See things in art…

Sydney artist Connie Anthes is active in the emerging arts scene and has exhibited widely throughout Australia. Ornamental Noise is her latest exhibit at the Damien Minton gallery. The exhibition presents a “collection of uncanny paintings and objects explores the phenomenon of pareidolia, or the unprompted seeing of faces and bodies in inanimate objects”.

WHAT: Ornamental Noise by Connie Anthes
WHERE: Damien Minton Gallery, 583 elizabeth street, Redfern
WHEN: 6.00-8.00pm


Wednesday 2nd :: Check Your Ego…

Madeleine Pfull and William Meadley are interested in the heights and depths our egos take us. In Your Ego they cast a satirical eye on the lengths people will go to to satiate their egos, and our social media fascination and navel gazing.

WHAT: Your Ego by Madeleine Pfull and William Meadley
WHERE: The Tate Gallery, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
WHEN: 6.00pm

your ego

Thursday 3rd :: On the beach

The Colour of Bondi is internationally famous photographer Rex Dupain’s homage and vision of the beach that is an icon of Sydney. The show is a selection of photographs depicting the scenes that make up the fabric of the beach…

WHAT: The Colour of Bondi by Rex Dupain
WHERE: Michael Reid Gallery, 44 Roslyn Gardens, Elizabeth Bay
WHEN: 11.00am – 5.00pm

Rex Dupain

Friday 4th :: The Best of Sydney’s Smart ARTS…

The Smart ARTS launch party inaugurates the Sydney Youth Arts Week running 4th till 12th of April. The festival presents a week of events celebrating the best of young artists aged 15 -25 years old. The festival features free workshops, games, networking events and exhibitions…

WHAT: Smart ARTS Launch Party
WHERE: Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, 64 Pine St, Chippendale
WHEN: 6.00-9.00pm

Smart Arts


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