Culture Guide 12/10 :: Party, Party, Party, Greek and Antenna Film Festivals, Art Prizes and Markets

October 12th 2015



Tuesday 13th


Documentaries are the easiest way to slip into someone else’s shoes, without having to leave the inner city or loose very much of your chop top down the front of your shirt. This year Antenna pushes physical boundaries with the film On the Bride’s Side. This film follows a Syrian family who form a bridal procession in search of asylum. If your in the mood to push the boundaries of what might be socially acceptable Pervert Park takes a unflinching view of a trailer park for convicted sex offenders. Or keeping it local Another Country attempts to make sense of the contradictions of the modern Indigenous experience. It is a incredible line – up of local and international film on all week, have a date night or make a day of it on the weekend, but don’t miss it completely!

WHAT: Antenna Documentary Film Festival
WHEN: 13 – 18 October
WHERE: Chauvel, Verona, Museum of Contemporary Art
HOW MUCH: $16 – $19

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Kudos Awards 2015

Kudos Gallery has established an award to support excellence in visual arts and design. Excellence is a funny word art people throw around a lot, but seeing as this is an exhibition of finalists you can be sure that there will be some pretty amazing works, plus you get to see what the best artists of the future are making.

WHAT: Kudos Awards 2015
WHEN: 5 – 7 pm
WHERE: Kudos Gallery

Wednesday 14th

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.37.27 pm
Greek Film Festival

The Greek Film Festival is taking over the Norton Street cinema this week. There is no question that the Greeks have a lot to offer in the way of daily drama from economic crisis to critical grandmothers, this festival will capture them all. The opening night film Alex & Eve has a cheeky sense of humour like a sloppy kiss from your Nona at Christmas time. The film is a funny and uplifting story on the cultural quirks of wooing another from a different culture. There will be features, documentaries and throw backs to get amongst. 

WHAT: Greek Film Festival
WHEN: 14th October – 1 November
WHERE: Palace Norton Street Cinema

Thursday 15th
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Beyonce Knowles as every body’s would be spirit animal is the inspiration title of Laura Jones’ exhibition at Chalkhorse Gallery. There will be a collection of portraits of the powerful women around her. From best friends to creative heros the portraits are an expression of femininity in its various forms. It’s like the painting equivalent of the Yonce’ anthem ‘Flawless’.

WHAT: I Woke Up Like This
WHEN: 15th October – 14 November: Opening 15th 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: Chalk Horse Gallery

Friday 16th

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.37.58 pm
Stencil Art Prize

Stencil Art Prize features an incredible selection of stencil artworks on canvases, reclaimed and found objects including beer tins, surfboards, skateboards, collaged imagery, sculptural stencils, stencils that make audio noise and delicate materials such as paper. This is a huge collection of artists 92 artists from all across the globe.

WHAT: Stencil Art Prize
WHEN: 16 – 30 October
WHERE: aMBUSH Gallery 

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Curate Me

Curate Me is a forum to discuss the importance of curation in the arts. What is it? Is it an action or a theoretical approach? Is it simply being selective – saying yes or no based on a premise? There is a line up of brilliant Sydney locals who work to make our city great, from Carriageworks, Underbelly Arts, Vivid Ideas, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, the National Association for the Visual Arts and Two Up. The term curation has become more than just a art term, its the buzz word that is taking over the world so learn from the best and form your own opinion.

WHAT: Curate Me
WHEN: 3 – 5 pm
WHERE: 107 Projects, Redfern
HOW MUCH: Free – RSVP online


Saturday 17th

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.13.03 pm

This Love is Huge

This Love is Huge is a one-time only performance by Jodie Whalen, a declaration of love to her husband that celebrates their romantic history of longing, lust, hate, sadness, frustration and togetherness. It is a collective of emotions shared through a series of songs, told through the language of Western pop culture.

WHAT: This Love is Huge – A performance by Jodie Whelan
WHEN: 4 pm
WHERE: Campbelltown Arts Centre

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Casula Powerhouse 21st Anniversary

Casula Powerhouse is turning 21 and they are pulling out the stops to throw the party that you wish you had. This celebration will include a full scale exhibition to showcase the best and the brightest talent from the Casula family archives. Plus, David Capra has curated a Party, Party, Party, he has promised cake and a good ol’ fashion rager!

WHAT: Casula Powerhouse 21st Anniversary
WHEN: 17 October – 29 November
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse

Sunday 18th

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.41.54 pm
Inner West Art & Design Market

Taking over the courtyard round the back of the Vic in the Park is the Inner West Art and Design Markets. A home for local makers to strut their stuff. There are is everything from ceramics to succulents to bold statement necklaces. For all people who like nice things whether or not your artistic skills extended beyond your primary school art class.

WHAT: Inner West Art and Design Market
WHEN: 11 – 4 pm
WHERE: Vic on the Park

Sunday Walls

See Graf Artists Jambo, Radio, Mike Watt and Ox battle it out on the walls of the Lord Gladstone every Sunday.

WHAT: Sunday Walls October
WHEN: 2 pm
WHERE: The Lord Gladstone


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