Culture Guide :: Painted Ukes and Dirty Mos, Toilet Paper and Jurassic Lounge’s Extinction…

November 4th 2013

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Hibernation’s over… Thanks to daylight savings there are hours of daylight after work!

But what to do, WHAT TO DO? When you’ve got The Z Factor and Please Date My Horribly Awkward Son doubling up on TV, how could you possibly consider heading back outside?! Luckily, we’re keeping our eyes out to bring you the best, brightest, and usually cheapest stuff on the Sydney arts and culture scene.

So when the lure of going pants-less in front of reality TV threatens to maroon you on the shores of mediocrity, FBi’s culture guide has got you sorted…


Monday 4th :: Chopper – Movember special

Guys aren’t always the best at sharing their feelings or talking about their health, yet they’re fantastic at sharing their glorious facial follicles with the world, so that’s where ‘Movember’ comes in! Every year come November, men worldwide sprout their upper lips to raise awareness (and cash) for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health.

…and you can get involved!

Tonight you can head on down to the Soda Factory and celebrate the life of one such Mo as it suffers through prison attached to the face of notorious Melbourne underworld figure, Mark ‘Chopper’ Reid.

WHAT: Chopper

WHERE: Soda Factory, 16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills

WHEN: Tonight 7pm


Tuesday 5th :: Jurassic Lounge … Extinction!

There’s a metaphorical meteor heading towards the Australian Museum! It’s touching down this Tuesday and means the extinction of everyone’s beloved weekly ‘Jurassic Lounge’ events…

Knowing the end is nigh, the Jurassic Lounge have planned to go out with a bang. They’ve got a huge party planned, featuring Hot Dub Time Machine, Richard in Your Mind, Pole Dancing, Debating, it goes on till the end of the world…

WHAT: Last ever Jurassic Lounge

WHERE: Australian Museum, 6 College St

WHEN: Tuesday 6.30pm

HOW MUCH: $16 on the door

Jurassic Lounge


Wednesday 6th :: Rachel Park – jumbo toilet paper + ink art

Sydney based artist Rachel Park is interested in the elements and qualities of the materials she works with; how they merge and separate to realise a unique form. For the last five years she has work with commercial, jumbo toilet rolls; the ones you cringe at when you find them in a public loo. In Park’s hands though they become beautiful, moving and shaping themselves into subtly undulating shapes.

For this exhibition Park has added Chinese calligraphy to the rolls, allowing the ink to seep through, expressing itself differently on each coil of the roll…

WHAT: Rachel Park ‘Together’ – opening night

WHERE: Archive Space, 5 Eliza St Newtown

WHEN: Wednesday 6-8pm


Thursday 7th :: Neo-Surrealist Painting Exhibition

Carol Dance is a Sydney based, internationally renowned neo-surrealist artist. Her work has encompassed abstract and figurative styles. Over the last few years she has worked on themes blending ancient figures with modern interpretations exploring cultural continuity.

Her latest show is ‘Pillars’.

WHAT: Carol Dance ‘Pillars’ – opening night

WHERE: Stirrup Gallery, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville

WHEN: Thursday – Sunday; 11am till 5pm




Friday 8th :: Artistic Ukulele Action.

In Hawaiian, Ukulele is roughly translated as ‘jumping flea’. The story goes that the original ukes were so small that they were strung with flea hairs. These versatile instruments are played and loved throughout the world…

An avid uke lover, Carol Ruff (aka Coral Reef) has curated Hula Dreams. The exhibition is a creative re-imagining of the ukulele by fifty Australian artists. The exhibition takes in the works of cartoonists, musicians, western desert artists encompassing the full Australian cultural milieu.

WHAT: Hula Dreams

WHERE: Gallery East, 21 Burnie St Clovelly

WHEN: Thurs 6-8pm (then 11-6pm thurs-sun)


Hula Dreams

Ruby Ruff Lander | Martin Sharp | Stephen Killick

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