Culture Guide: Lockdown Edition

October 5th 2021
Auction and Fundraising


“Art For Afghanistan builds on these projects, to create short form content that celebrates Afghan culture and artistry, and aims to raise funds for Action Aid’s emergency response through an auction of the artists’ work. The artists have been curated by Bibi Goul Mossavi, and their videos will be released over the next 10 days on social media and this page.”

Join the live auction on the 5th to the 8th this October with the link here! Celebrate and support Afghani culture!

Book Discussions

Gleebooks 'In Conversation With' Series

Book Discussion 1: “Bronwyn Adcock fled the inferno with her children. Her husband, fighting at the front, rang with a plea for help before his phone went dead, leaving her to fear: will he make it out alive?
In Currowan, Bronwyn tells her story and those of many others – what they saw, thought and felt as they battled a blaze of never-before-seen intensity. In the aftermath, there were questions: why were resources so few that many faced the flames alone? Why was there back-burning on a day of extreme fire danger? Why weren’t we better prepared?”

Book Disucussion 2: “This is an insider’s account of why the real story of the Israel–Palestine conflict goes largely unreported. It is also the story of why, in the wake of the international backlash against media coverage of the May 2021 Israel–Hamas violence, this could be about to change.”

Book Discussion 3:

“In the cafe, I watch as a woman takes a photo of her plate – an impressive, glossy lime-coloured dessert with shards of chocolate perched on top. I want to feel that ease and confidence, too. Like this is my city again, and I know my way around it.”

Attend one of the three (or all three) of the free book discussion from the 5th to the 8th with the link here! Happy Reading!

Online Art Workshops

Online Sundown Sketch Club

“Sundown Sketch Club is moving online. Unearth your creative potential in these interactive online drawing classes guided by MCA artist educators. Experiment with approaches to mark-making and be led through a series of exercises, all from the comfort of your home.

Suitable for any experience level, for ages 18+.”

Check out more info on this online workshop here! Prices start at $25

Virtual Art Exhibition

Belem Lett: Burnouts

“The works for Burnouts came about after a two-month break. I’d taken the time to consider how I’ve been working, my approach, and what I wanted to achieve from this new series. There had been a build-up and layering happening in my work, which I wanted to strip back. The multi-coloured brush movements made at the beginning were mostly hidden by the time the work was completed, and I wanted to pare back the canvas to this point, finding this layer again.

I wanted the light and clarity of the white surface to be revealed through this process of paring back. But I also wanted to retain the gesture, the push/pull, twists, the drag, the drip, the stop, and start as the brush travels across the surface. The colour relationships within these individual sections trace the movement of light.

In a conversation recently with a friend, we tried to distil the totality of our separate artistic enquiry down into some singular form. I arrived at light. The works in Burnouts take light and dark as a starting point, with the sun being the source of light and colour being the refracted state of this white light, leading to the reduction of the painting to these essential elements. A white surface and paint applied with a colour-loaded brush.”

Click the link here for more info! From now til the 10th of October!

Arts & Crafts

Craft Week Festival Launch

“Join us to celebrate the launch of the 5th annual Sydney Craft Week Festival!

On Thursday 8 October at 4pm join us on zoom to celebrate the launch of the 5th annual Sydney Craft Week Festival, the first and only festival in Sydney dedicated to making by hand.

Due to current lockdown requirements, the festival will be primarily digital with several exhibitions able to be viewed in local neighbourhoods through gallery windows. There are 40+ events, including 17+ workshops and 14+ exhibitions as well as talks and digital launches.

The festival runs from Friday 8 to Sunday 17 October.”

Find out more info with the link here!

Poster-Making Workshop

A little action can create big change! with Wendy Murray

“Do you have an opinion you want to share with the world? Want to make change but don’t know how? Ever thought of making a poster but don’t know where to start?

If you’ve said yes to any of the above, this workshop is for you. We’re going to make some tiny posters that will have a big impact!”

Register for this workshop on the 9th here! Free!

Student Workshops


“Our School holiday workshops give students an opportunity to explore theatre practices, whether it is a new area of interest or to develop their skills further. These practical workshops offer insights from professional artists giving students a head start in finding creative ways to tackle their own projects.

Each school holidays Belvoir offer a range of workshops, from performance to design. Workshops for students are typically held at Belvoir or online with our Digital Workshops via Zoom.”

Click here for further information on workshops and bookings! All workshops are $35 per student!


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