Culture Guide :: Getting Arty at the Tate, Verge & White Rabbit

January 21st 2014

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It’s hard to know what to do after work sometimes… when you’ve got The Z Factor and Please Date My Horribly Awkward Son doubling up on TV, how could you possibly consider heading back outside?! Luckily, we’re keeping our eyes out to bring you the best, brightest, and usually cheapest stuff on the Sydney arts and culture scene.

So when the lure of comfortable pants and reality TV threatens to maroon you on the shores of mediocrity, FBi’s culture guide has got you sorted…


Tuesday 21st :: Exclusive Screening – ‘Computer Chess’

What could better than an insider look into nerds vs. computers in a computer chess face-off? Nerds vs. computers with all the eighties trimmings!

‘Computer Chess’ was a hit at Sundance and promises all the hilarious trappings of American indie madness. From Andrew Bujalski.

WHAT: ‘Computer Chess’ exclusive Austrlain screening
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema, 80 Commonwealth St Surry Hills
WHEN: 9pm
HOW MUCH: $20 + bf from Eventbrite


Wednesday 22nd :: B&W at the Tate

B&W is some of Sydney’s finest young visual artists getting creative in a series of greyscale works on paper. Featuring Tom Schwaiger, Roach, Madeleine Pfull, Thomas Jackson, Chris Yee, Bafcat, Ania Gareeva, David Cragg, Scott Marsh, Chris Loufty, Mulga, Cam Wall, Killgore Trout, Takie, Will Cooke, David Pitt, Numskull.

WHAT: ‘B&W’ A group exhibition of greyscale works on paper
WHERE: The Tate Gallery, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
WHEN: From 6pm


Thursday 23rd :: A Dialogue on Blue at Verge

How do you respond to a single colour?

‘A Dialogue on Blue’ is a musing on that part of the visible spectrum we like to call blue, azure, bleu. Challenge your visual and emotional response to this simplest of visual stimuli. Featuring Eloise Cato, Frankie Chow, Hana Hoogedeure, Kara Jensen-Mackinnon, Leon Loreaux, Candice Miles, Kara Nissen, Luke O’Donnell, Bernadette Trela and curated by Georgia Pan & Iggy Wilson.

WHAT: A Dialogue on Blue
WHERE: Verge Gallery, City Road, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, Uni of Sydney
WHEN: Opening Night from 6pm, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm


Candid Keir (2011)

Friday 24th :: Serve The People – Last Days!

‘Serve the people’ is a slogan that emerged out of China’s Cultural Revolution of 1966-76. This collection explores the works that emerged during this important and controversial period of Chinese history.

Serve the people is curated by Edmund Capon, former director of the Art Gallery of NSW.

WHAT: Serve The People
WHERE: White Rabbit Gallery, 30 Balfour Street Chippendale
WHEN: 10am till 6pm (closes Feb 2nd)

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