Culture Guide :: Delicious Art, Larrikins and a Weekly Workout

March 17th 2014

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Why’s everyone walking around like Monday is the end of the world?!

The weekend is only the beginning and there’s plenty more going on throughout Sydney this week. Fortunately for you, FBi’s culture guide has sifted through it to bring you the best of arts, culture and general happenings around town…


Monday 17th :: Paint The Town Green!

Tourism Ireland is spreading the luck of the Irish and lighting up some of Sydney’s most notable buildings. Take a St Patty’s Day stroll, and spot landmarks like the Opera House and Hyde Park Barracks showered in green tones.

WHAT: St Patrick’s Day Global Greening
WHERE: Sydney 
WHEN: 8pm

Hyde Park Barracks


Tuesday 18th :: A Feast for the Eyes and the Mouth

At it’s best art is a feast for all the senses…

Visual feats incorporates the gustatory, olfactory and visual together to bring you an evening of delicious arty goodness! Chef Luke Mangan will prepare signature dishes in response to pieces of art in what will encapsulate an evening of aesthetic wonderment. Sometimes you just have to splash out and treat yourself!

WHAT: Visual Feasts
WHERE: Mojo, 8-10 Danks St, Waterloo
WHEN: 7.30pm
HOW MUCH: $110 (Bookings (02) 9002 5321)

 Luke Mangan

Wednesday 19th :: Get Ya Larrikin On!

We’re a knockabout lot, us Aussies; we love a laugh, a joke at each others expense and a drink. But what if our particular ‘way’, our larrikinism is a unique feature of our culture, a defiant stand against the norm?

In ‘Larrikin’ Kate Britton considers our Larrikin heritage and the unique role it plays in our Australian national personality. Featuring work from Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Alex Kiers, Tom Mason, Alex Pye, Myles Prangnell, Beth Dillon, Applespiel and Fieldings.

WHAT: Larrikins  curated by Kate Britton
WHERE: 107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern
WHEN: 6 – 8pm


Thursday 20th :: Let’s Get Physical!

It’s time to get off dat booty, because you’re about to be schooled in the art of Physical Education. The Flinders has a new weekly workout that will have you working up a sweat and get your heart rate pumping.

Each Thursday night brings a rotating roster of spinners and a guest coach at every party. First up is Body_Con, with a blend of early 90’s pop to disco and deep house to keep you motivated.

WHAT: Physical Education
WHERE: The Flinder’s Hotel, 63 Flinders St, Darlinghurst
WHEN: 6pm


Friday 21st :: The Good, The Bad & The Ethnic

The Good, The Bad and The Ethnic is everything you know and love about Australian Comedy but just can’t say in front of your Grandma! It’s an all-star line up of Australia’s best ethnic comedians, featuring Joe Avati, Tahir, George Kapiniaris and Rob Shehadie.

WHAT: The Good, The Bad & The Ethnic
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse, 1 Powerhouse Road, Casula
WHEN: 8pm
HOW MUCH: $43.50 from the Boxoffice


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