Culture Guide 4/10 :: Confession and conspiracy theories, food design and feeling art

October 4th 2015



Tuesday 6th

Dark Vanilla Jungle
Confronting the issue

Dark Vanilla is returning to the Old 505 because so many people liked it they thought they would give you a chance to see it, or see it again. A play that courageously confronts the issue of violence against women and speaks to the heart of the audiences. Because, this is something we should be able to talk about.

WHAT: Dark Vanilla Jungle
WHEN: 7 pm, 5 – 10 October
WHERE: Old 505 Theatre
HOW MUCH: $28/$32

Wednesday 7th

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 3.36.20 pm
All the feels

Jodee Knowles is the artist equivalent of the friend you always see at parties, but haven’t been introduced yet. In that her unique style is unforgettably familiar, and her works are pervasive. She paints bold animated portraits of women full of feeling. The kind of emotion that reaches out pats you on the shoulder and says I know how you feel, and means it.

WHAT: The Process
WHEN: 7 pm
WHERE: Goodspace, Chippendale

– –

Get ready to #spill

For those of us who have found ourselves divulging inner secrets to strangers and bar tenders alike Confession Booth is for you. For anyone who enjoys listening to some of the best and most amusing writers and comedians in the land tell stories. Confession Booth is for you too! Confession Booth is for the people, because everybody has a secret.

WHAT: Confession Booth
WHEN: 30 September – 2 October
WHERE: Goodgod Small Club
HOW MUCH: $12 + bf – book online 

Thursday 8th

FORTHEFACE_artistsAll about the grassy knoll

Because 9/11 was still an inside job and Lizard people still run the world! Grab your tin-foil hats, and head down to Giant Dwarf for a conference of conspiracies, a forum of foolishness, a symposium of silliness.

WHAT: Conspiracy Theories
WHEN: 6 pm
WHERE: Giant Dwaft
HOW MUCH: $10 – $15

– –

Good food, great design

Treat yo’ self to design that will make you mouth water and delicious food that tastes as good as it look. For the face is an exhibition of makers of everything from illustration, installation, photography, film and workshops. All the foodie forces of Sydney will be there from Black Star to Cake Wines, Cornersmith and Scribe Coffee. This event is all kinds of nourishing.

WHAT: For the Face
WHEN: 6 – 9 pm
WHERE: 10 Mitchell Street, Marrickville

– –

The story of the Angulo brothers

The Wolfpack tells the story of four isolated brother who learnt everything they know about life through movies. It throws a whole lot of confusion to the expression ‘is this real life’. Trapped in a New York apartment by their domineering father

WHAT: The Wolfpack
 8.30 pm
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema
HOW MUCH: $17 – $22

Friday 9th

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 3.42.44 pm

– –

Newtown Locals Launch

Newtown Locals is a collective of food and beverage bros from across Newtown who have joined forces and will be feeding us all at Newtown Festival this year. They are so excited they have made some merch and are throwing a pre-party so they can bring us all along into their happiness. Come eat, drink and be celebrate local Newtown-ers doing great things and making great stuff.

WHAT: Newtown Locals Launch
WHEN: 4 – 7 pm
WHERE: Young Henry’s, Newtown

Poetry slam

In the biggest NSW final ever, a whopping 21 of the best and most fresh spoken-wordsmiths from across NSW rock the mic solo and acapella with poetry, stories, lyrics and monologues.

WHAT: World Travel Poetry NSW Final 
 8 pm
WHERE: Sydney Dance Lounge – Pier 4/5 Hickson Rd
HOW MUCH: $30 – buy online

– –

Burlesque at the Jam

Diesel Darling will be bringing her special brand of “serpentease”, performing a strip tease along side her beloved pet pythons Claudia and Danger. Diesel Darling is always dangerous, a little mysterious and entices maximum excitement. Strap yourself in for a dose of Diesel.

WHAT: Kelly Anne Dolls Burlesque Show
WHEN: 8 – 10 pm
WHERE: Jam Gallery 


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